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Three reasons to train employees in an uncertain economy

When the economy slumps, the natural instinct for companies is to trim budgets to preserve core activities. But Rod Miller, Associate VP, Corporate Training Solutions at SAIT, says the one budget line you shouldn't touch when times get tight is employee development.

"There's significant pressure on managers and supervisors to successfully navigate through organizational challenges without losing productivity," says Miller. "The fluctuating economy means — more so than ever — companies are looking to be more efficient and effective and training plays an important role in that."

Infographic: Top three reasons to invest in employees right now

How to make the most of your training budget:

  • Focus on essential skills for your industry, along with leadership development.
  • Explore different training methods, such as online learning.
  • Look for new funding options, including Canada Alberta Job Grants.

March 17, 2015

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