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Nutritionist flags smart food choices

So you didn't have time to pack a lunch from home, and now you're foraging for food on campus. Donna Bottrell, Registered Dietician and Chartwell's Corporate Nutritionist, says your trek can end with a healthy meal you can feel good about.

The siren song of fried foods and giant portions can make it harder to make healthy choices, but Bottrell says a few tweaks to your approach can make all the difference.

"Common pitfalls are eating too big of a portion and skipping food groups like vegetables and fruit," says Bottrell. "Be creative in how you put food options together and share with a friend."

She also recommends that you add fruits and vegetables to every meal and snack.

"Aim for at least 7 servings per day," she says. "On average, Canadians eat about 4 servings per day."

Bottrell offered up her expert advice on the healthiest items you can order on campus.

Healthy food choices from food establishements on SAIT campus.

Eating well doesn't mean foods like burgers, muffins or chips are always out of the question.

"A healthy eating pattern is what you eat over days, weeks or the semester, not at one meal or snack," she says. "Having foods higher in fat, sodium or sugar once in a while is okay. If possible, choose a smaller portion size and combine these foods with a healthy choice."

Nutrition information is available online for externally branded vendors like Tim Hortons. Talk to a manager or chef for details on items served from internal outlets like the Burns Bistro.

Jan. 5, 2015

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