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Catching the travel bug

"The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page." - St. Augustine

69 per cent of SAIT students say they're interested in study abroad opportunities. SAIT's Study Abroad team couldn't agree more with the ancient philosopher's wisdom.

That's why each year, SAIT organizes short-term study, service learning and program specific trips as well as full-semester exchanges for students. SAIT also hosts students from institutions around the globe.

Laura Lavigne, Project Coordinator with SAIT Study Abroad, says it's all about providing students with the opportunity to grow both professionally and personally.

"These trips allow students to experience other cultures, view the industry they're studying through a different lens and develop intercultural communications skills," says Lavigne.

"When I talk to the students before the trip versus when they're back, it's amazing the amount of change and growth they experience in a short amount of time. I've never heard a student say 'I wish I didn't go.'"

SAIT students have already travelled to Australia, China, France, Guatamala, Italy, Singapore, Turkey, United States, United Arab Emirates, Vietnam, Ghana, Cuba, Spain, Switzerland, Germany, and the United Kingdom.

Administrative Information Management (AIM) student Lucianna Dykstra applied for a short-term study abroad tour because she wanted to open up as many career doors as possible. Earlier this year, she travelled to Singapore alongside 11 other SAIT students to participate in a Project Management course.

"Canada is a wonderful place with a lot of opportunities, but once you've stepped outside the country, you realize how much there is to offer outside, too. You can learn so much from students in other countries."

Dykstra participated in the three-week class alongside students from various programs at SAIT, the Box Hill Institute in Australia, Kirkwood Community College in Iowa, and ITE in Singapore. She says her education took place far beyond the course alone - she and her fellow travelers explored different parts of the city, tried exotic dishes in hawker centres (open air food courts), and even experienced the residential areas by visiting the homes of the local students and newfound friends.

"The ITE students were so gracious to show us around Singapore. They weren't told they had to — they wanted to. They were patient with all our questions, and we had lots of them!"

SAIT is a member of the Global Education Network, a collaborative partnership between SAIT and three other premier post-secondary institutions: Box Hill Institute, Melbourne, Australia, Institute of Technical Education (ITE), Singapore and Kirkwood Community College, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, USA Many of the study abroad tours offered to students are made possible through this partnership. Learn more about GEN >>

What tours can I participate in?

There are different types of study abroad and international internships available to students and recent alumni. Here's a quick guide:

Program study tours:

Who's eligible?*

Students in one specific program.

What do they experience?

They visit sites related to their field of study and explore the host city.

Upcoming tours:

For students in Architectural Technologies, Travel and Tourism, Baking and Pastry Arts, Professional Cooking, Cook apprenticeships and Hospitality Management.

Read more about program study tours >>

Program exchange study tours:

Who's eligible?*

Students from various select SAIT programs.

What do they experience?

They participate in classes related to their field of study at the host institute and explore the host city.

Upcoming tours:

To ITE in Singapore and Box Hill Institute in Melbourne, Australia.

Learn more about program exchange study tours >>

Course study tours:

Who's eligible?*

Students in all full-time SAIT programs or apprenticeships.

What do they experience?

A three-week, non-credit course developing in-demand skills that help build their resume.

Upcoming tours:

Project Management at Box Hill Institute in Melbourne, Australia.

Learn more about course study tours >>

Service learning tours:

Who's eligible?*

Students in all full-time SAIT programs or apprenticeships.

What do they experience?

They build teamwork and leadership skills by volunteering internationally.

Upcoming tours:

Service Learning in Peru.

Learn more about service learning tours >>

Semester abroad:

Who's eligible?*

Students in select SAIT programs.

What do they experience?

Students in participating programs may take a semester of their studies at a partner institution.

Upcoming opportunities:

Students entering their second semester of Hospitality Management may study at the Box Hill Institute in Melbourne, Australia.

Learn more about semester abroad >>

International internships:

(organized by Alberta Innovation and Advanced Education)

Who's eligible?*

All full-time SAIT students who have completed at least two semesters of study and recent graduates (within two years of graduation).

What do they experience?

Approved applicants take part in a paid or unpaid internship in another country. Positions vary.

Upcoming opportunities:

Alberta Smithsonian internship: unpaid internships at the famous Smithsonian museum complex and research centres in Washington, D.C.

Alberta Abroad externships: paid internships in international locations.

Learn more about international internships >>

* Additional eligibility requirements apply. Check sait.ca/studyabroad for details.

SAIT Study Abroad will be hosting three information sessions about upcoming tours on Dec. 4, 2014 and Jan. 14 and 15, 2015.

Dec. 3, 2014

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