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Meat your neighbourhood SAIT butchers

Calgary, AB — Students in the newly redesigned Butchery Charcuterie Management (BCM) program at SAIT will be adding customer service to their skills as a new living classroom officially opens to the public.

The custom meat-cutting Butchery Lab has opened in the John Ware building at SAIT's main campus. The space simulates an industry-style setting where customers talk to the butcher and discuss the type of cut they are looking for.

"We now have a place where our butchery students can interact with the customers and provide custom cutting and value-added items such as stuffed roasts, marinated meats and charcuterie items," says Desmond Johnston, Chef Instructor for the Butchery Charcuterie Management program.

The BCM program is newly revamped this year to encompass both butchery and charcuterie in one offering for students, something Johnston says is allowing them to teach more about the processing of proteins.

"There was nothing really being offered at a professional level for people who wanted to learn the science behind these products. We're making charcuterie, pâtés, bacons, learning how to cure muscle and making more traditional items such as smokies," says Johnston, who spent 16 years working at high-end restaurants across North America before coming to SAIT to teach.

The Butchery Lab is supported by the Michelle O'Reilly Charcuterie Lab — a world class facility allowing students to remain on the cutting edge of this industry trend.

Students completing the BCM program often end up in retail grocers or independent meat shops. Many restaurants also have someone on staff with a keen understanding of charcuterie. The program has a 92 per cent employment rate (2013 graduate employment survey).

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