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It’s a (career) match made in heaven

Career Match is SAIT's fun new way to help prospective students find their calling. The short online quiz shows users the top 10 programs that align to their personalities and preferences.

April Schaly, advisory committee lead for the Career Match project and Marketing Communications Specialist in the School of Hospitality and Tourism, says the software provides a lighthearted look at what SAIT delivers.

"SAIT is career focused, and hands-on — this tool fits with that philosophy," says Schaly. "It's a great way to engage visitors to sait.ca and encourage further exploration."

Exercising a diverse portfolio

Maybe you know already that you like change, and that getting creative to solve a problem can really get your juices flowing, but what does that mean for your career path?

According to Career Match, it can mean a whole lot.

The 28-question assessment generates a list of programs from any or all five categories — Practice Health Care, Think Business, Specialize in Trades and Manual Skills, Be Tech-Savvy, and Get Creative.

"Depending on your personality, results can include as many as five categories," says Schaly. "Students are presented with program options (and career pathways) they may not have previously considered."

A more business-minded person, for instance, would not necessarily think to look at the Bachelor of Science Construction Project Management program available through the School of Construction, even though it could make for a great fit.

"Career Match is a fun tool that showcases our diverse program offerings," says Schaly. "I urge people to give the tool a try, whether they're researching their future education or already in an established career-who knows, it might spark an interest you never knew you had."

The software, which was developed by an established vendor, acts as a support to the important services and tools already offered at SAIT — one-on-one career counselling, information sessions, student for a day, Open House, and more.

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