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Advancing his agenda on the track

With so much to do, Jared Stock has become rather skilled at changing gears.  Between taking classes and working full-time as president of the SAIT Students' Association (SAITSA), he also finds time to train for what is considered to be the Olympics of motocross endurance racing.

Stock, a SAIT Petroleum Engineering graduate, will travel to San Juan, Argentina at the end of October to represent Canada at the International Six Days of Enduro (ISDE), the world's oldest off-road motorcycle race.

Vying against top endurance riders from more than 32 countries around the world, Stock will ride six to eight hours a day, covering about 250 km.

This will be the second time Stock competes at gruelling ISDE. Last year he placed second in the junior category, this year he hopes to go for gold in the world trophy team event.

Test of stamina

"I began riding with my family when I was four-years-old. When I was 14, I decided I wanted to get serious and basically decided to dedicate my life to the sport of motocross."

Now 23, Stock has switched gears slightly to focus on the endurance side of motorcycle racing. 

Traditional motocross races take place on a track for two 35-minute races in one day. Endurance races test the stamina of the rider and machine and typically take place over six hours.

The ISDE race takes it a step further — it challenges riders to complete roughly six hours of riding every day for six days. It is considered the highest level of international endurance competition for motocross.

Jared Stock. Photo courtesy Chris Charnetski.

Photo courtesy Chris Charnetski

A day in the life

Because of its unique format, training for the ISDE is all about building stamina and strength. Stock fits this training in on top of his other commitments. When asked what a typical day looks like, Stock concedes there isn't much room for downtime.

Now enrolled in the advanced excel program for administration information management at SAIT, he blends school with intensive training on his motorcycle — all while acting as SAITSA president.

"Since I began training in January, I've built a routine that works for me," says Stock. "I usually wake up around 5 am to work out at the gym. From there, I go straight to work at SAITSA.

"After putting in a full day's work at SAIT, I go to the track to get at least an hour of riding in. Then I go home and try to cram a bit of supper in, fall asleep and start it all over again the next day."

It is this dedication and hard work that led to Stock's success at the event last year. It may also have been a contributing factor to his successful campaign to become SAITSA president.

"I based a lot of my campaign on my life experience. I worked on the drilling rigs while I was racing on the pro motocross circuit before I came to SAIT. I learned a lot of life lessons through that. I think a lot of SAIT students have a similar story. I look at my role as president as a way to share and learn from my fellow students."

Jared Stock. Photo courtesy Mikaela MacKenzie.

Photo courtesy Mikaela MacKenzie

Ready to race

Stock was able to raise most of the money to attend the race through his motocross connections. SAIT also stepped in to financially back his dreams of gold in Argentina.

"It's a great feeling to have support from the community you're involved in," says Stock.

The ISDE race begins on Nov. 3. Prior to race day, Stock will spend his time in Argentina preparing and squeezing in some last minute training runs. While the competitors are not allowed to ride the course prior, they can do a walk through and make notes on the terrain.

After the race wraps up on Saturday, Nov. 8, Stock will have a couple days of well-deserved down time in Argentina before returning to Calgary to resume his role as SAITSA president.

To learn more about Jared Stock, visit jaredstock.com

Oct. 28, 2014

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