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Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) provide the conditions for a healthy campus where everyone feels welcomed, supported, included, valued and empowered to succeed.

EDI is essential to achieving SAIT’s vision to be a global leader in applied education and to our mission: to prepare students for successful careers and lives.

Language around EDI constantly evolves, and we do our best to evolve with it. The terminology used on this page is intended with respect.

“I can attest that SAIT has come a long way. As a hearing-impaired individual and a proud member of the 2SLGBTQ+ community, I have never felt intimidated during my schooling at SAIT. I have witnessed how we try to normalize conversations regarding racism without being too pushy about the subject matter but firm about how racism has to end. There are still things to be accomplished but with the collective efforts of the whole SAIT community, I know we will get there.”

Katherine Mantupar
SAIT Information Systems Security alumni

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion strategy

In November 2022, SAIT celebrated the second anniversary of launching its Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Strategy. Students and employees share the positive impact the EDI Strategy is having on campus.

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SAIT’s Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Strategy Second Anniversary

  • awarded 194 micro-credential badges to students and staff who completed PERS 148: Introduction to Effective Intercultural Communication
  • 76% of SAIT leaders feel more confident about being inclusive leaders using in-house EDI micro-learning
  • students report an increase in being treated equitably at SAIT (+6%) and feeling more knowledgeable about EDI (+8%) compared to 2020
  • students report instructors are more knowledgeable about EDI (+5%) and do more to ensure their classrooms are inclusive (+7%) compared to 2020
  • launched EMBRACE, a new employee resource group focused on empowering women in the workplace
  • launched the new course PERS 143: Queer Inclusion and Belonging at SAIT
  • updated one policy and procedure using the Equity Framework
  • offered two student leadership positions

  • strategic enrolment management plan to enroll more students from equity-deserving groups at SAIT
  • employee recruitment plan to attract more diverse talent to work at SAIT
  • institutional collection of self-reported demographic data from students and employees

  • Adison Wiberg, Communications
  • Angie Jones, Student Services
  • Charlotte Kudadirgwa, Student Engagement Office
  • Dania El Chaar, International Centre
  • Darany Touch, Manufacturing and Automation
  • Delia Cudney, Accessibility Services
  • Enda Morley, Academic Services
  • Felicia Adeniyi, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion
  • Jane Ballegooyen, Employee Services
  • Jenna Nakamura, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion
  • Jennifer Russell, Indigenous Engagement
  • Jess Nicol, Centre for Academic Development & Innovation/SAFA
  • Jodi David, Applied Research and Innovation Services
  • John Partington, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion
  • Kelley Wadson, Library
  • Lisa Brown, Facilities Management
  • Maria Saona, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion
  • Rachel Paris, Saitsa
  • Rosanna Quintieri, English Language Foundations
  • Steve Kootenay Jobin, Natoysopoyiis
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Training and education

Widen your perspective and gain new skills to navigate a diverse world.


“In order to advance equity, diversity and inclusion at SAIT, I am focusing on breaking down the operational barriers that were created decades ago in the past. These no longer serve the values that our current SAIT community hold dear. Collaborative, open, authentic—these values are held by people I want to work between, with, and for.”

Reva Bond Ramsden
Dean, School of Construction

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Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

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