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Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Strategy

Guided by the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Strategy, over the next five years, we will lay the foundation for transformational change on our path to becoming a more inclusive organization.

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The Honourable Mayann Francis (left) congratulates SAIT Information Systems Security student Katherine Mantupar on her winning anti-racism essay.

The Honourable Mayann Francis (left) congratulates SAIT Information Systems Security student
Katherine Mantupar on her winning anti-racism essay.

Anti-racism contest winner: Katherine Mantupar

In Spring 2022, SAIT launched a student essay contest on anti-racism with the support of the Honourable Mayann Francis, the first Black Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia. Students were asked to explore the history and current state of racism in Alberta, reflect on racism in post-secondary institutions and share ideas for a better way forward here at SAIT.

Second-year Information Systems Security student Katherine Mantupar (she/her) wrote the winning submission and received a $500 prize, as well as the opportunity to meet the Honourable Dr. Francis. In her essay, she proposes education and normalizing conversations about racism as playing key roles in defeating it. In her time as a student, she witnessed advancement in the areas of equity, diversity and inclusion at SAIT and is hopeful for continued progress.

“I can attest that SAIT has come a long way. As a hearing-impaired individual and a proud member of the 2SLGBTQ+ community, I have never felt intimidated during my schooling at SAIT. I have witnessed how we try to normalize conversations regarding racism without being too pushy about the subject matter but firm about how racism has to end. There are still things to be accomplished but with the collective efforts of the whole SAIT community, I know we will get there.”

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Recent achievements

  • awarded 194 micro-credential badges to students and staff who completed PERS 148: Introduction to Effective Intercultural Communication
  • 76% of SAIT leaders feel more confident to be an inclusive leader using in-house EDI micro-learning
  • students report an increase in being treated equitably at SAIT (+6%) and feeling more knowledgeable about EDI (+8%) compared to 2020
  • students report instructors are more knowledgeable about EDI (+5%) and do more to ensure their classrooms are inclusive (+7%) compared to 2020
  • launched EMBRACE, a new employee resource group focused on empowering women in the workplace
  • launched the new course PERS 143: Queer Inclusion and Belonging at SAIT
  • updated one policy and procedure using the Equity Framework
  • offered two student leadership positions

What we're working on

  • strategic enrolment management plan to enroll more students from equity-deserving groups at SAIT
  • employee recruitment plan to attract more diverse talent to work at SAIT
  • institutional collection of self-reported demographic data from students and employees

Adison Wiberg - Communications

Dania El Chaar - International Centre

Denise Johnston - Accessibility Services 

Enda Morley - Academic Services

Felicia Adeniyi - Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Jaclyn Damboise - Facilities Management

Jane Ballegooyen - Employee Services

Jayden Baldonado - Saitsa

Jenna Nakamura - Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Jess Nicol - Centre for Academic Development & Innovation/SAFA

Jodi David - CD & AR Applied Research & Innovation Services

John Partington - Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Maria Saona - Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Mark Wall - Student Engagement, Interfaith Centre

Moksh Soni - Business Intelligence and Analytics

Rachel Paris - Saitsa

Rosanna Quintieri - English Language Foundations

Tapaarjuk Moore - Chinook Lodge

Statement on anti-racism

Read a message to the campus community from Dr. David Ross, SAIT President and CEO.

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A message from Heather Magotiaux, Vice President External Relations

Read SAIT's response to the continued discovery of unmarked graves at former residential schools in Canada and access support resources.

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“In order to advance equity, diversity and inclusion at SAIT, I am focusing on breaking down the operational barriers that were created decades ago in the past. These no longer serve the values that our current SAIT community hold dear. Collaborative, open, authentic—these values are held by people I want to work between, with, and for.”

Reva Bond Ramsden
Dean, School of Construction

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The unique experiences, perspectives and identities — both visible and invisible — that we all bring to campus as human beings.


Ensuring everyone has a fair chance to access, participate and succeed in all that SAIT has to offer.


The intentional process of creating a campus culture where all people are welcomed, respected and feel as though they belong.


The complex, cumulative way in which the effects of multiple forms of discrimination combine, overlap or intersect, especially in the experiences of marginalized individuals or groups.


Unearned access to social power based on membership in a dominant social group.

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If you have a complaint about an instructor, report it to your academic chair. If you have a complaint about a student, report it to the Office of Community Conduct by emailing student.conduct@sait.ca. You may also report it to SAIT's discrimination and harassment hotline at 403.210.4406.

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