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Residence Meal Plan by Hotel Arts

Try the tasty cuisine of Hotel Arts at SAIT with the student meal plan – let us take care of the cooking so you can focus on your studies! Enjoy fresh, convenient meals that are both healthy and delicious, with a variety of breakfast, lunch, and dinner options. Our meals are versatile and cater to your dietary needs and budget without compromising on taste or convenience.

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See why students love dining with Hotel Arts

With a variety of a la carte options and rotating choices for breakfast, lunch and dinner, you'll always have something delicious to enjoy. Plus, the menus are created with your feedback in mind, so you can be sure that you'll be served food you love. Enjoy fresh, sustainable meals made with the best ingredients, in a convenient location on campus.

Why choose a Hotel Arts meal plan?


High-quality, sustainably sourced,
ultra-fresh food

Every meal is made with fresh, flavourful ingredients, prepared with Hotel Arts' renowned care and expertise. From a quick snack to a full-course meal, you'll be delighted with our delicious and nutritious options.

Discover new, healthy ways to
spice up your diet

Your tastebuds will be delighted with our rotating entrees for every meal. Our expert chefs are constantly creating new recipes for you to indulge in, so you can enjoy your all-time favorites or explore something new!

A convenient plan for every

Say goodbye to meal planning hassles and enjoy healthy, delicious meals every day. And if you’re on the go, you can take your meals with you in your reusable OZZI container! It couldn't be any easier - all you need is your student id!

How to get a meal plan

Not only is SAIT's meal plan delicious, but it's also a cost-effective alternative to eating at the various food vendors on campus or ordering take-out. Also, it's the most convenient choice for students living in residence and getting started couldn't be easier.

Meal plan pricing

Semester  Dates  Cost 
Winter 2023 Jan. 7th – April 22 (7-day meal plan) $3,150
Jan. 9th – April 21 (5-day meal plan) $2,250
Fall 2023 Aug. 26th – Dec. 16 (7-day meal plan) $4,068
Aug. 28th – Dec. 15 (5-day meal plan) $2,250
Academic year* Aug. 26, 2023 – April 20, 2024 (7-day meal plan) $7,887
Aug. 28, 2023 – April 19, 2024 (5-day meal plan) $5,580

*Excluding winter break Dec. 17 - Jan. 5 for 7-day plans and Dec. 18 - Jan. 8 for 5-day plans.

Academic meal plans  7-day plan 5-day plan 
Academic year 2023/24 $7,884 $5,580
Fall 2023 $4,068 $2,880
Winter 2024 $3,816 $2,700
Academic meal plans  7-day plan 5-day plan 
Four weeks (26 days) $936 $720
Six weeks (40 days) $1,440 $1,080
Seven weeks (47 days) $1,692 $1,260
Eight weeks (54 days)  $1,944 $1,440
Ten weeks (68 days)  $2,448 $1,800
Twelve weeks (82 days)  $2,952 $2,160

Learn more about the Hotel Arts Meal Plan

Download our meal plan guide to learn more about the SAIT Residence meal plan. We have put together all the essential information you need to make the most of your meal plan.

About Hotel Arts

Since its inception in 2005, Hotel Arts has created a renowned hospitality and dining experience in Calgary. Known for inventive dishes and impeccable service, they continuously push the boundaries of the ordinary, creating a design-focused, fashion-forward venue with innovative culinary offerings. They are proud to have built strong relationships with the local business, arts, culture, and tourism communities– as well as SAIT.

Hotel Arts maintains strong ties to SAIT through alumni, including GM & VP Mark Wilson and Executive Chef Quinn Staple, who oversee this exclusive partnership with SAIT. At Hotel Arts, they are committed to providing personalized service and a boutique experience to make everyone feel right at home. Enjoy the delicious flavours of Hotel Arts with the SAIT residence meal plan!


Get all your questions answered

Check out our frequently asked questions for an in-depth understanding of the SAIT Residence meal plan. Here, you will find the answers to any questions you may have. 

If you have allergies and/or specific dietary needs, please speak with our team prior to applying for your meal plan to ensure that we can fulfil your nutritional needs.

Yes – food is pre-portioned. However, there are no individual limitations; there are takeaway items if you have a busy schedule and cannot return for a meal, bottomless hot and cold beverages, and two snack periods offered from the Grab & Go bar.

Snacks are only offered in the Dining Centre during business hours. The lower level also reflects these hours.

Begin Tower Dining Centre is open from 7 am to 9 pm during the week and 8 am to 7 pm on weekends. Hours are subject to change. Arrangements for pick-up meals can be made for students who need to pick-up their meal earlier than the designated meal period.

Yes – door rates for each meal period will apply for each entry and will be based on availability.

Yes – you will be required to bring your OZZI container with you to the Dining Centre to take food to your room.

Meal plans are GST exempt. This does not apply to a daily or walk in rate.

The meal plan is not refundable unless you completely withdraw from SAIT before the end of the academic year. The refund is issued at a prorated amount.

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