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Housing information for parents

At SAIT we are focused on enhancing the student experience, and ensuring that the living spaces support academic success. We believe in education outside of the classroom and provide programs and leadership opportunities.

Living in residence cultivates understanding, tolerance and respect for others. We provide many resources such as educational programming and peer support right in-house and are situated close to the multitude of services available to students on campus.

Parents, family members and supporters

Your familiarity with Residence can play an important role in a student's success. Your loved one may need encouragement to use Residence services and take advantage of the many opportunities that are provided at SAIT.

We recommend parents, family members and supporters take the opportunity to visit their resident students in Residence, so you can see first-hand what makes living on campus a memorable and rewarding experience.

Ideas for supporting your student from home

Send a care package

Students love getting packages, which could include special treats, gift cards to favourite restaurants or stores, small toiletries, photos of family, friends or pets.

SAIT eCards

SAIT eCard is the official SAIT identification (ID) card that gives a student access to facilities across campus. This is a perfect opportunity to re-load your student's eCard so they can purchase a reloadable food card from our food services provider, which is accepted at many outlets around campus.

Groceries delivered

Many grocery stores now offer a home delivery service, where you can easily shop online and have the groceries delivered right to Residence where your student can easily access them.

Visit and stay with us

We offer great accommodation options at Residence — including upgraded hotel suites at a fraction of the cost — so you can stay close to your loved one without cramping their style, or their space.

What parents need to know


The Freedom of Information and Privacy Protection Act (FOIP) legally prohibits us from discussing any student's file with anyone other than the student and/or guarantor unless we have written authorization to do so. If you require information (such as billing details) from the SAIT Residence office, please have your student speak with the SAIT Residence office staff to provide them with the proper authorization.

What does this mean?

  • This means, that in the event of calling on the student's behalf, their family member(s), friend(s) or acquaintance(s) may not be provided information regarding the status of — or information about — their residence application, assignment, fees or breach of community standards.
  • If friends or family members don't know or forget their student's residence room number and request this information from our staff, we are not able to provide it.
  • These measures not only follow legislation but also ensure the safety of our residents.

In the event of an emergency, or if you are unable to reach your student and are concerned, please contact the SAIT Residence office or SAIT Security after hours, and we will facilitate contacting your student and getting a message to them to contact you.

We're here if a problem arises

Should your student have a concern, if they need to talk to someone, or if they are feeling homesick, please encourage them to access our useful resources where they can talk to a Community Assistant, the Residence Life Coordinator or Manager of Residence Life.

We also offer many free support systems that students can access through our Student Development and Counselling department whom they can happily connect.