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Employee Resources

Welcome to SAIT. You've just joined a global leader in applied education — and we're so excited to have you join the team.

Before your first day

Take a virtual tour and read up on employee benefits, perks and unique outlets.

Virtual tour

AT SAIT you get to experience state-of-the-art facilities, the best view of downtown Calgary, and within walking distance to countless destinations — such as Kensington. Take a virtual tour today!

About SAIT

Learn more about our organization— from our academic schools, campus details, to our purpose and story.


Satisfy your hunger at one of SAIT's many on-campus eateries. In need of a campus escape? Head downtown to our Culinary Campus or The Tastemarket by SAIT for a delicious experience.

Sports and recreation

You know what they say about all work and no play. Have fun and stay active with SAIT's Recreation centre, adult fitness classes, or find out when to catch the next Trojans game!

Indigenous resources

The Chinook Lodge Resource Centre — "the Lodge" — is an inclusive environment open to the entire SAIT community and welcomes intercultural exchange.   


Transition smoothly and successfully into your new role at SAIT with the help of a fellow employee. Take an early look at our Buddy System that will connect you with colleagues, resources and get you the support you need to do your work. Check out the Buddy System Checklist — your buddy and supervisor will guide you through it when you start.

Driving, biking, or transit

Whether you drive, bike or take transit to work, getting to SAIT is easy. Familiarize yourself with our campus map so you know where to go when you arrive.

Your first day

First day forms and administration.

What to bring

As a part of your onboarding, you will be asked to complete a series of online forms on your first day at SAIT:

  • TD1 AB tax form
  • TD1 tax form
  • direct deposit form
  • benefits enrolment form
  • pension form
  • emergency contact form

Bring a void cheque or electronic direct deposit form from your bank. You should also bring along any requested credentials to add to your files, such as an official parchment, official letter or office transcripts.

Employee Services

NN1004, Senator Burns Building



Resources when you start

What you need to know in and around campus.


Visit our on-campus Reg Erhardt Library for articles, books, videos and data, and access to faculty services.

Events calendar

A lot happens on campus. Stay informed about upcoming events and important dates that matter to you.

Health and safety

SAIT offers a number of resources dedicated to your health and safety:

  • Our on-campus medical clinic and family practice provides non-urgent and urgent care.
  • Safewalk is a free, volunteer-based service dedicated to ensuring the safety of all SAIT employees, students, and visitors when travelling on or near SAIT's main campus.
  • Campus Security offers a number of essential services, helping to create a safe and secure environment.

Smoke-free campus

In support of health and safety regulations due to COVID-19, and for the ongoing overall well-being of our community, SAIT is a smoke-free campus, effective Monday, Aug. 31, 2020.

Smoking and Use of Tobacco Products policy and procedure, HS.1.4 and HS.1.4.1. If you're coming to campus, please note you can no longer smoke anywhere, on any campus. If you do leave to smoke, you may not be allowed back into campus buildings due to health guidelines.


SAIT's Helpline offers assistance with computer, phone and audiovisual issues, campus security concerns, parking and facilities management requests.

Policies and procedures

Read up on the policies and procedures of your department/school and division.  


Employee Services

NN1004, Senator Burns building



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