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Core Competencies, Policies and Procedures

Core competencies

Our competencies are the knowledge, skills, abilities and behaviours that allow SAIT employees to succeed. SAIT's Core Competencies for all employees are:

  • Accountability: we take ownership of our work to achieve a standard of excellence, set goals and priorities to consistently deliver excellent results in line with SAIT's strategy, acknowledge mistakes when they happen and actively seek out solutions.
  • Collaboration: we work effectively within a team, building and maintaining strong relationships and supporting the achievement of shared goals. We consistently communicate, engage in healthy debate and spend time together to build trust and celebrate success.
  • Service focus: we care about the needs of SAIT's internal and external customers, build long-term relationships and deliver consistent quality and value.
  • Excellence: we are conscientious and thorough, ensuring work is completed to a high standard, striving to get things right the first time and focusing on the important details to deliver. We understand that quality has a direct impact on our customers and SAIT's success.

Policies and procedures

Our policies and procedures support the pursuit of SAIT's vision, mission, strategic goals, ethical principles and cultural values.

  • Policy: A policy is strategic. It is a position statement that tells how SAIT intends to operate, its stand on a subject and provides guidelines for decision-making.
  • Procedure: A procedure is operational. It describes the methods and considerations for implementing policy and directs the conduct of people and the activities of SAIT. Procedure documents are cross-referenced to the appropriate policy documents and may include definitions of terms and sample forms.

All SAIT employees are expected to comply with institutional policies and procedures that also apply to areas outside of their specific division. For example, Human Resources, policies and procedures apply institution-wide, as do Administration, Finance, Facilities Management and Health, Safety and Environment policies and procedures.

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