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Ethical Principles

SAIT's principles of Fairness, Integrity, Respect, Safety and Transparency (FIRST) guide our ethics.

Fairness We treat all people fairly and equitably, provide equal employment opportunities and engage in fair competition.
Integrity We carry out SAIT business with honesty, integrity and due diligence. We honour commitments, are accountable for our actions, and follow through on promises and agreements.
Respect We respect the dignity and human rights of people. We provide a safe environment where people can speak freely. We enhance human development in the workplace, the marketplace and the community.
Safety We foster positive health practices and ensure safe, secure and environmentally sound working and learning environments.
Transparency We conduct our work and communicate in a truthful and open manner; we disclose information in a timely way, respecting confidentiality and privacy. We engage in transparent accounting and financial reporting.

SAIT is committed to its FIRST principles and adhering to its Code of Ethics in all it does

These principles apply to members of SAIT's community including our Board of Governors, senior management, employees, contractors, consultants, agents, and volunteers. Commitment to our principles will produce a positive workplace that will reflect our values and take us into the future with continued success.

If you are aware of a violation of SAIT's Code of Ethics, we encourage you to consult with or report your concern to:

  • a member of SAIT management, or
  • the ethics hotline

Along with the Code of Ethics, SAIT has an ethics hotline as a way for individuals to report ethical issues anonymously and/or confidentially. The SAIT ethics hotline is operated by ConfidenceLine, an external service provider. Reports can be made via telephone or the internet.

Ethical issues can be reported directly to ConfidenceLine via telephone or the internet.

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