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Cameron Hodgins

Cameron has been working as a Mathematics instructor at SAIT since 2010. Throughout that period he has played roles as a Curriculum Developer, Course Lead, and Advisor to Technology Accreditation Canada. Since arriving at SAIT, Cameron has been involved within the SAIT community, maintaining a position as the Learner and Academic Services Faculty Council Representative for the last 8 years. Additionally, he has held positions on the Student Association Board of Directors and SAIT’s Academic Council.

After completing his Bachelor of Science Degree at Nipissing University in 2006, Cameron moved to Calgary to pursue a Master’s Degree in Mathematics. Upon his employment at SAIT, Cameron embraced a culture of lifelong learning, and registered for courses in Woodworking, Welding, Machining, and Electrical, and he is currently enrolled in SAIT’s Mechanical Engineering Technologist Diploma program.

Seeing Calgary as a hub for culture, Cameron has a passion for local music and theatre, and believes in supporting the arts.

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