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Report a safety hazard or concern

Any student who is aware of a health, safety or environmental concern should notify an instructor. If the concern cannot be addressed immediately and requires input from other parties, it should be raised with the Helpline at 403.210.HELP(4357) or helpline@sait.ca.

If the issue is related to school or department policies or procedures, it should be raised at the academic chair/management level. The issue should then be taken to the departmental or school Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Committee. If that committee feels the issue must be resolved at the SAIT-wide level, the issue will be brought forward to the HSE Council.

Incident reporting

All incidents, including near misses, must be reported promptly to ensure that corrective actions are taken to prevent a recurrence and to ensure compliance with applicable Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) and environmental legislation. Students must notify their instructor as soon as possible following an incident. An Incident Report/Investigation form must be completed and submitted to HSE Services.

Injury and emergency

In case of an injury during regular business hours, the individual should report to the SAIT Health Services Clinic. In case of an emergency, or after regular business hours, Campus Security can assist. If the injury/illness is immediately life threatening, 911 should be called before contacting security.

WCB for students

Students who are physically attending and completing courses at SAIT — regardless of whether they are international or domestic students —  are covered by provincial workers' compensation legislation and are eligible for Workers' Compensation Benefits (WCB).  Students on practicum sites within Alberta are automatically covered by workers' compensation legislation only while on the practicum site.  Students on practicum outside the province should contact the Workers' Compensation officials in that province.

For more information on the coverage available to you, refer to student coverage

Health, Safety and Environment Services
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