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New students

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Classes and Delivery

Do online courses meet my credit program requirements?

Online content will provide the same curriculum requirements as classroom-based learning, while leveraging technology to enhance learning from a distance.

Since classes are now offered online, will the price of tuition be lowered?

Many students have recently inquired about tuition costs, especially given the recent switch to alternate delivery as a result of COVID-19. The cost to deliver our programs has not changed with the transition to online learning. Domestic tuition fees represent the cost, less government subsidies, to deliver the programs. International tuition is not subsidized and tuition costs represent the full cost of the program. Costs include and cover instructional staff, administration, equipment, infrastructure and maintenance, as well as ensuring our curriculum aligns with quality standards and industry needs.

For these reasons, tuition is remaining as listed on our website. However, some of our auxiliary services and the upcoming semester have been suspended — this includes UPass and recreation fees. 

Also to note, as part of its annual tuition review process, SAIT conducts a pan-Canadian analysis of SAIT's programs against comparable programs in other Canadian institutions to ensure our tuition rates remain competitive and students receive high value for their tuition dollars while continuing to receive a world-class education. 

Will I be charged for Recreation and UPass fees while learning online?

Since access to SAIT’s recreation facilities is not possible during this time, students will not be charged the automatic Recreation fee for the Spring/Summer 2020 term (May to August).

SAIT has also made the decision to suspend UPasses for students for the upcoming spring/summer term. As a result, students will not be charged UPass fees.

My class still has a group project — how am I expected to work on that with my teammates?

Classes may continue to have a group project component, but there is absolutely no expectation that you connect face-to-face with your teammates to work on class assignments. Use the virtual tools available and recommended by your instructor — Microsoft Teams, Google Drive and others — to complete group assignments. Follow social distancing instructions from Alberta Health Services.

How do I report my absence?

Once classes have transitioned online, if you need to miss a class because you’re ill or need to self-isolate, follow the current process for reporting absences in your program.


Will I still get support from student services learning online?

Even if you’re not physically on campus, you’re still part of the SAIT community. Student supports are still available remotely — this includes tutoring, coaching, writing support, career advising, counselling and lots more — we’ve got you covered.

How can I get a feel for SAIT if I’m not there?

Before you even step foot on campus, you can start to experience SAIT and join your new community:  

I'm struggling financially. Who can I speak with?

If you're a current SAIT student experiencing financial hardship, we may be able to help.

Please contact early.alert@sait.ca.

Program changes and refunds

My May program was cancelled, can I choose another May program?

If your May program has been cancelled, you can request to move to another May program by submitting a ticket to FreshdeskPlease do this as soon as possible as some programs may be waitlisted. 

Can I defer my May application to September?

If your program was cancelled your application can be transferred. S ubmit a ticket to Freshdesk as soon as possible.

If you’re an international student and you were unable to secure a study permit, your application can be transferred. S ubmit a ticket to Freshdesk before Friday, May 1.

If your program hasn’t been cancelled and you’re not an international student unable to secure a study permit, please s ubmit a ticket to Freshdesk. Please note, you may be directed to reapply for a later start date.

My May program was cancelled, will I get a refund?

If your May program has been cancelled, you will receive a full refund. Given the circumstance and volume, we are doing our best to ensure a refund occurs within four to six weeks.

You can also s ubmit a ticket to Freshdesk to discuss your options. 

I’m thinking about cancelling my May application, will I get a refund?

If you feel you need to change your application, please submit a ticket to Freshdesk  for more information. You must cancel your application prior to the first day of classes to avoid being charged tuition and fees. Learn more about refunds here.

Tuition was changing starting in July, what will my tuition be if my classes are deferred?

Due to the complexity and nature of some courses, not all SAIT experiences have moved online — select classes have been deferred for when it’s safe to return to campus.

In February, following the public policy change by the government ending the five-year tuition freeze, SAIT made the decision to adjust tuition, starting July 1, 2020. This policy has not changed and will apply to classes that were deferred in their entirety.

For winter or spring classes that had portions of their classes deferred, there is no additional tuition fee.

There are a number funding options and supports for SAIT students. Contact Financial Advising to talk to a financial advisor. 

SAIT also offers more than five million dollars in student awards every year.

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