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Fall 2020 program delivery

Working with the Government of Alberta and Alberta Health Services, we have made the decision to deliver the majority of Fall 2020 programming online. The health and safety of our SAIT community remains our top priority, and the decision was made in consideration of provincial health restrictions and guidelines.

Most SAIT classes will be delivered remotely, supported by virtual meeting technology and simulations.

We are looking at delivering a limited number of in-person labs on campus, with start dates yet to be determined. We will prioritize those that cannot be delivered online, starting with deferred Winter 2020 courses. More information will be shared as available.

We continue to work closely with Apprenticeship and Industry Training (AIT) to determine how to continue this very hands-on training. This will involve a combination of online and in-person training. Apprentices will hear more from AIT and SAIT as details become available.

SAIT is committed to leveraging and utilizing technology as much as possible to ensure your online and, if applicable, in-person experience is safe and robust.

Student supports are still available remotely — this includes tutoring, academic coaching, writing support, career advising, counselling and lots more — we’ve got you covered.

The first day of classes for the majority of full-time credit programs will be the week of Sept. 7.

We appreciate your patience and are working to share accurate information as quickly as we can. We are also working to minimize schedule changes. However, course and program changes may be required as late as the week before classes start.

We are committed to finalizing individual program details by the end of June and you can expect to hear directly from your Academic Chair within the next few weeks with more information.

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Classes and delivery

Fall 2020 program delivery mode

*The delivery information below applies to both continuing and new students unless otherwise indicated.

MacPhail School of Energy

Bachelor of Applied Technology Petroleum Engineering Blended
Chemical Engineering Technology Blended
Chemical Laboratory Technology Blended
Electrical Engineering Technology Blended
Electronics Engineering Technology Blended
Energy Asset Management Online
Energy Asset Management (part-time) Online
Environmental Technology Blended
Instrumentation Engineering Technology Blended
Integrated Water Management Blended
Land Analyst Online
Petroleum Engineering Technology Blended
Petroleum Land Administration Online
Power and Process Operations Blended
Power Engineering Technology Blended
Pre-Employment Electrician Blended
Water and Wastewater Treatment Operations Blended

School of Business

Accounting Oil and Gas Production Online
Administrative Information Management Online
Bachelor of Applied Business Administration Online
Bachelor of Applied Business Administration (part-time) Online
Bachelor of Business Administration Online
Business Administration Online
Business Administration (part-time) Online
Community Economic Development Online
Financial Services (Con Ed) Online
General Business (Con Ed) Online
Legal Administrative Assistant (Con Ed) Online
Legal Assistant Online
Management (Con Ed) Online
Marketing (Con Ed) Online
Office Professional Online
Office Professional (Con Ed) Online

School of Construction

Architectural Technologies Online
Bachelor of Applied Technology Geographic Information Systems Online
Bachelor of Applied Technology Geographic Information Systems (part-time) Online
Bachelor of Science Construction Project Management Online
Civil Engineering Technology Online
Engineering Design and Drafting Technology Online
Geomatics Engineering Technology Online
Pre-Employment Cabinetmaker Blended
Pre-Employment Carpenter Blended
Pre-Employment Pipetrades Blended
Pre-Employment Refrigeration Blended
Pre-employment Plumber Blended
Pre-Employment Sheet Metal Blended

School of Health and Public Safety

Advanced Care Paramedic Blended
Dental Assisting Blended
Diagnostic Medical Sonography Blended
Health Information Management Online
Medical Device Reprocessing Technician Blended
Medical Device Reprocessing Technician (part-time) Blended
Medical Laboratory Assistant Blended
Medical Laboratory Technology Blended
Medical Office Assistant & Unit Clerk Online
Medical Office Assistant & Unit Clerk (part-time) Online
Medical Radiologic Technology Blended
Nuclear Medicine Technology Blended
Nutrition for Healthy Lifestyles Online
Ophthalmic and Optometric Assisting Online
Optician Online
Pharmacy Assistant Blended
Primary Care Paramedic Blended
Rehabilitation Therapy Assistant Blended
Respiratory Therapy Blended

School of Hospitality and Tourism

Bachelor of Hospitality and Tourism Management Online
Baking and Pastry Arts (continuing students only) Blended
Butchery and Charcuterie Management (continuing students only) Blended
Hospitality Management Online
Professional Cooking (continuing students only) Blended
Travel & Tourism Online

School of Information and Communications Technologies

Broadcast Systems Technology Blended
Business Intelligence: Data Analysis and Reporting Online
Cyber Security for Control Systems (part-time)  Online
Data Analytics Online
Data Analytics (fast-track) Online
Database Administrator Online
Film and Video Production Blended
Graphic Communications and Print Technology 1st semester online, 3rd semester blended
Information and Records Management Online
Information Security Analyst (fast-track) Online
Information Security Analyst (part-time) Online
Information Systems Security 1st semester online, 3rd semester blended
Information Technology Online
Journalism Online
Library Information Technology Online
Library Information Technology (part-time) Online
Network Technician Online
New Media Production & Design Online
Object Oriented Software Development Online
Radio, Television and Broadcast News 1st semester online, 3rd semester blended
Technology Infrastructure Analyst Online
Web Developer Online

School of Manufacturing and Automation

Machinist Technician Blended
Mechanical Engineering Technology Blended
Mechanical Engineering Technology (evening and weekend) Blended
Non-Destructive Testing Foundations (continuing students only) Blended
Non-Destructive Testing Foundations (evening and weekend) (continuing students only) Blended
Pre-Employment Industrial Mechanic (Millwright) Blended
Pre-Employment Ironworker Blended
Pre-Employment Welding Blended
Welding Engineering Technology Blended
Welding Technician Blended

School of Transportation

Aircraft Maintenance Engineers Technology (continuing students only) Blended
Aircraft Structures Technician Blended
Automotive Service Technology Blended
Avionics Technology (continuing students only) Blended
Business Administration Automotive Management Online
Diesel Equipment Technician Blended
Pre-Employment Automotive Service Technician Blended
Railway Conductor Blended
Do online courses meet my credit program requirements?

Online content will provide the same curriculum requirements as classroom-based learning, while leveraging technology to enhance learning from a distance. The courses will meet the credit program requirements.

My classes were already deferred, how will I be studying?

Select on-campus and in-person activities will be permitted, but with limitations on the number of students participating. These activities will be prioritized based on critical need, beginning with the completion of Winter 2020 semester course requirements. In-person use of campus labs and facilities will not be possible for all courses. More information will be available soon.

If I’m taking a course that starts online, will it complete online regardless if restrictions are lifted?

Yes. Any program that is delivered completely online and begins the term online should anticipate concluding the term online, regardless of restrictions being lifted. This will support the completion of as many needed on-campus classes and apprenticeships as possible throughout the fall.

Does online delivery change the cost of tuition and fees?

The cost to deliver our programs has not changed with the transition to online learning. Domestic tuition fees represent the cost, less government subsidies, to deliver the programs. International tuition is not subsidized and tuition costs represent the full cost of the program. Costs include and cover instructional staff, administration, equipment, infrastructure and maintenance, as well as ensuring our curriculum aligns with quality standards and industry needs.

For these reasons, tuition will remain as listed on our website. However, some of our auxiliary services for the upcoming semester have been suspended, this includes UPass and Recreation fees.

As part of its annual tuition review process, SAIT conducts a pan-Canadian analysis of SAIT's programs against comparable programs at other Canadian institutions to ensure our tuition rates remain competitive and students receive high value for their tuition dollars while continuing to receive a world-class education.

What are the computer and technical requirements for my courses/program now that I’m learning online?

With class delivery moving online, students will be responsible for ensuring they have access to a computer and supporting technology that meets the technical requirements of their program. Learn more about the technical requirements for your program. Contact your Academic Chair for more information.

We understand this may present an additional financial challenge for students. Please speak with your faculty advisor or contact Financial Advising to discuss possible funding options

My program has been designated an eLearning program — will this change if I’m studying online?

Students registered in eLearning programs will be provided with a SAIT laptop for the 2020/21 academic year. After September 2021, the eLearning program will be phased out and students will need to supply their own computers and supporting technology. Details on laptop distribution for new students will be available soon.

Will the new student technology fee still be charged if we’re studying online?

The student technology fee is effective July 2020 and will be charged to all SAIT students. This fee supports upgrades to SAIT’s technology systems, including virtual private network (VPN) access and other system improvements that support both in-person and online learning.

What’s it like to learn online?

Online content will provide the same curriculum requirements as classroom-based learning, while leveraging technology to enhance learning from a distance.

Instructors have been asked to deliver their courses in real time and also record their presentations.

Make the most of your online learning experience and get a head start of your first day.

What if I have a group project? How am I expected to work on that with my teammates?

Classes may have a group project component, but there is absolutely no expectation that you connect face-to-face with your teammates to work on class assignments. Use the virtual tools available and recommended by your instructor — Microsoft Teams, Google Drive and others — to complete group assignments. Follow physical distancing instructions from Alberta Health Services.

Will I have access to my instructors if I'm studying online?

Yes. Your instructor will let you know the best way to reach them and if they have specific “virtual” office hours.

How will I be graded studying online?

SAIT uses a 4-point grade point average (GPA) grading system. This system will also apply to online learning. Grading exceptions made for Winter 2020 classes will not apply going forward. Learn more and make sure you understand how your grades work.

I’m uncomfortable attending labs on campus, what are my options?

On-campus classes have been prioritized because the content is specifically suited to in-person delivery. Please contact your Academic Chair to discuss your options.

How do I report an absence when I'm studying online?

If you need to miss a class because you’re ill, have an appointment or need to self-isolate, follow the current process for reporting absences in your program.

Will there be any services or outlets open on campus?

There may be a partial resumption of food services comparable to expected activity on campus and in consideration of physical distancing and service requirements.

Campus Centre and the Wellness Centre are currently closed. We are evaluating our capacity to address public health restrictions alongside our sporting environments and are conducting regular reviews throughout these changing conditions.

When will SAIT ID cards be available?

SAIT ID cards will not be available until students are able to return to campus. In the meantime, payment receipts for courses and tuition may be accepted by vendors offering student discounts.


2020/21 Technical Training Registration Dates

Apprenticeship and Industry Training (AIT) has posted 2020/21 technical training registration dates. Check the AIT website for the registration schedule.

Health and safety

In-person attendance on-campus will be limited and will be for instruction purposes only.

Labs will be distributed over various times and spaces on campus to ensure compliance with protocols related to managing physical distancing.

Faculty and students will have a limited footprint and traffic patterns will be in place.

Based on the current guidelines of the Government of Alberta’s Opening Soon – Alberta’s relaunch strategy, on campus lab sizes will not exceed 15 persons, including instructors. Although indoor gathering limitations are increasing, we are taking a conservative approach to manage physical distancing in the classroom and for traffic patterns and people movement on campus.

SAIT will continue to monitor the Government of Alberta’s staged reopening strategy and will make decisions with the guidance of our Recovery and Resumption Committee.

If I’m returning to campus to study — what’s involved?

Students on campus will need to complete a mandatory return-to-campus orientation, including:

  • health and hygiene, including Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) requirements
  • physical distancing
  • emergency procedures.

In addition, students will need to:

  • verify, on a daily basis, their health status
  • limit their footprint by adhering to designated traffic patterns on campus
  • limit activity to approved and readied classroom/lab space (there will be no access to offices and no on-campus office hours will be offered).
If I’m studying on campus will Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) be provided?

SAIT will provide Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to students and faculty as per Alberta Health Services guidelines, if required for course instruction activities, along with training for proper use and disposal. All persons allowed on campus will be encouraged to supply and use their own disposable or reusable non-surgical face mask.

How will physical distancing requirements be managed?

We will maintain a limited number of people on campus at any one time. We will also use the following measures to support physical distancing:

  • staggering lab schedules so as to minimize hallway/building/elevator crowding, facilitate lesser clumping of groups of people moving between labs and to allow for more frequent cleaning and disinfection of facilities, including during changeovers and between uses.
  • accounting for the restrictions in elevator accessibility and use
  • extending hours of operation, to allowed for cleaning and disinfection
  • staggering campus attendance by program, by building/facility and/or by days of the week
  • limited or no seating in common areas
  • separation of workspaces
  • removal of unneeded equipment or materials
  • installation of sneeze guards
  • pedestrian traffic and separation barriers
  • signs and floor markings

Student support

What support is available when I’m learning online?

Even if you’re not physically on campus, you’re still part of the SAIT community. Student supports are still available remotely — this includes tutoring, academic coaching, writing support, career advising, counselling and lots more — we’ve got you covered.

What financial support is available for students?

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought additional financial challenges to many students. Support is available now and there are a number of options to consider when it comes to paying for your education.

Tuition payment deadlines

Starting in the 2020/21 academic year, tuition for the semester will be due on the first business day of the month before classes begin for both new and continuing students. Learn more about tuition payment deadlines.

Program changes and refunds

We encourage all students to speak with their Academic Chair or an Academic Advisor before making the decision to cancel or defer your studies to see if we can address your concerns. If your situation cannot be addressed adequately, please contact the Office of the Registrar to discuss your cancellation request.

My Fall 2020 program was cancelled, can I choose another program?

If your Fall 2020 program has been cancelled, you can request to move to another program offered in Fall 2020 or Winter 2021 by submitting a ticket to Freshdesk. Please do this as soon as possible as some programs may be waitlisted.

Can I defer my Fall 2020 application to Winter 2021?

If your program was cancelled by SAIT, your application can be transferred to another program offered in Fall 2020 or Winter 2021. Please make sure you check sait.ca to see when your program is offered before submitting a request to Freshdesk.

If you’re an international student and you were unable to secure a study permit, you may request an application deferral to another program offered in Fall 2020 or Winter 2021. This is subject to space availability as some programs may already be full. Please make sure you check sait.ca to see when your program is offered before submitting a request to Freshdesk.

If your program is not offered in Fall 2020 or Winter 2021, you will not be able to transfer or defer your application. You will need to re-apply through ApplyAlberta when applications for Spring 2021 and Fall 2021 open on Wednesday, Oct. 7.

My Fall 2020 program was cancelled, will I get a refund?

If your Fall 2020 program has been cancelled, you will receive a full refund unless you decide to transfer your application to another program starting in Fall 2020 or Winter 2021.

Given the circumstance and volume, we are doing our best to ensure a refund occurs within four to six weeks.

You can also submit a ticket to Freshdesk to discuss your options.

I’m thinking about cancelling my Fall 2020 application, will I get a refund?

If you feel you need to change your application, please submit a ticket to Freshdesk for more information. You must cancel your application prior to the fee deadline to receive a refund including the tuition deposit and prior to the first day of classes to avoid being charged tuition and fees. Learn more about refunds here.

Tuition changed in July, what will my tuition be if my classes are deferred?

Due to the complexity and nature of some courses, not all SAIT experiences have moved online — select classes have been deferred for when it’s safe to return to campus.

In February, following the public policy change by the government ending the five-year tuition freeze, SAIT made the decision to adjust tuition, starting July 1, 2020. This policy has not changed and will apply to classes that were deferred in their entirety.

For winter or spring classes that had portions of their classes deferred, there is no additional tuition fee.

There are a number funding options and supports for SAIT students. Contact Financial Advising to talk to a financial advisor. SAIT also offers more than five million dollars in student awards every year.

Applications and admission

What if I can't provide official documentation due to school closures or travel restrictions resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic?

SAIT will accept electronic copies of documents sent to  credentials.transcripts@sait.ca directly from the school in cases where hard copies cannot be provided due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Documents that are not transcripts must be on the school’s letterhead. Please see the temporary adjustments to AC.3.1.1 Grading and Progression procedure for more information.


Will SAIT Residence be open?

Yes. Both residence buildings will open Saturday, Aug. 29 and are accepting students this fall.

How will physical distancing requirements be managed?

Housing assignments will be conducted in a manner that promotes physical distancing where one student will be roomed in a two-bedroom suite and two students will be roomed in a four-bedroom suite and all residents will have their own washroom.

I’ve applied to stay in SAIT Residence. Can I get a refund for my application fee and deposit if I decide to cancel?

Yes, you will receive a refund for your application fee and deposit if you decide to cancel. Please contact SAIT Residence directly if you decide you would like to cancel your stay.

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