CADI responsibilities

CADI is responsible for supporting SAIT and its academic leaders and instructors in pursuing innovative principles and practices in teaching and learning and facilitating and implementing integrated quality systems at SAIT. 

Our focus is on two areas:

  • program and curriculum quality
  • faculty development and resources

Program and curriculum quality

Program evaluation, monitoring, and reporting are all essential parts of the quality assurance ecosystem at SAIT.

Student success is enabled by engaging faculty and staff in rigorous conversations and critical reflection about program quality, then enacting change as part of those conversations.

CADI also leads curriculum review activities to ensure course content aligns with current, emerging and relevant industry practices.

Program feedback

Student feedback is a vital part of any learning process — it improves course content and helps instructors enhance their teaching.

Program feedback process

Faculty development and resources

We support faculty and staff primarily through various forms of scholarly teaching and activity and recognize excellence with annual chair positions.

CADMUS Teaching Chair Cisco Catalyst Chair Scholarly activity

Courses, workshops and services

We offer various courses, workshops and services to the academic division, including Instructional Skills Workshops (ISW).

Applied research collaborations

CADI works with SAIT's Applied Research and Innovation Services to contribute to economic development, foster instructional excellence, enhance student learning and employability, produce new knowledge and encourage collaboration across disciplines.

Introducing — a Podcast Sharing SAIT's Makers, Shapers and Originals

CADI aims to positively impact learner experience through developmental and continuous improvement activities for academic staff — particularly faculty and academic chairs.

CADI sees itself as a change champion and succeeds while fully integrating into the institution. CADI is a hub for faculty who want to partner in learning ventures, small-scale pilots, experiments and Communities of Practice.

Join us as we speak with different faculty, staff, or leaders from SAIT to share what they are doing in their practice that has positively impacted their students, peers, or the institute.

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