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ID Card (eCard)

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Your SAIT student eCard is your official student photo identification card, giving you access to many of SAIT's amenities, including the SAIT Library, Wellness Centre, Student Health and Residences. You must present your eCard in order to obtain your Calgary Transit UPass, laptop for e-Learning programs, educational software discounts and locker. 

Your eCard is also a no-fee debit card which can be used for on-campus purchases and tution fee payments. Just load cash onto your card and use it at the SAIT Parking office, Residence and at all SAIT food services, including SAITSA locations.

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You can use your eCard for as long as you attend SAIT.

Where to get your eCard

You can obtain your eCard by visiting the Office of the Registrar in Room AA211, Heritage Hall or the Card Office in MB106, Stan Grad Centre (inside the SAIT Bookstore).

How to use your eCard

You can deposit money onto your eCard in five easy ways:

  • Visit the Card Office in the SAIT Bookstore (cash, credit and debit accepted)
  • Visit the Phil Station across from the SAIT Bookstore (cash accepted)
  • Online at SAIT eAccounts (credit accepted)
  • Download the Blackboard Transact Mobile eAccounts app (for Apple or Android) (credit accepted)**
  • Convert 35,000 Aeroplan Miles for a $250 deposit on your card
  • Convert 62,500 TD Points for a $250 deposit on your card

** You must first register and save a payment method online at SAIT eAccounts before using the mobile app.

Family members can load funds onto your eCard account via the Card Office or online at SAIT eAccounts if they know your Student ID number and legal name.

The information entered must be identical to your eCard.

  • The email address is your "firstname.lastname@edu.sait.ca" address.
  • The customer number is your nine digit Student ID number.

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Card Eligibility

All current students qualify to receive an eCard.

Your eCard is non-transferable and you may only use it for the services offered. Your eCard will be subject to forfeiture if presented by anyone else.

Guest Cards

A guest card is a non-photo eCommerce card that can be used at the same participating merchants on campus as the photo Student eCard.

Guest cards are available from the Phil Station located across from the SAIT Bookstore. A minimum of $5 is required for the intitial load onto the card.