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Last updated as of Dec 04, 2017

Name Available Offered Credential Status
CADD Operator Level I Certificate of Achievement Continuing Education Classroom or Online Certificate (non-credit)
Non-Destructive Testing General Courses Continuing Education Classroom or Online
Worker Safety Management Certificate of Achievement Continuing Education Online Certificate (non-credit)
Name Course Code Offered
Eddy Current Level I Theory INSP 109 Online
Eddy Current Level II Theory INSP 138 Online
Liquid Penetrant Inspection Theory INSP 116 Online
Liquid Penetrant Levels I & II INSP 264 Classroom or Online
Magnetic Particle Inspection Theory INSP 124 Online
Magnetic Particle Levels I & II INSP 263 Classroom or Online
NRCan Materials and Processes Exam EXAM 109 Classroom or Online
Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) INSP 106 Classroom or Online
Radiography Level I Theory INSP 129 Online
Radiography Safety INSP 133 Classroom or Online
Statistics for Engineering and Technology I STAT 245 Classroom or Online
Strength of Materials SMTL 246 Classroom or Online
Ultrasonics Level I Theory INSP 118 Online
Visual and Inspection Basics Theory INSP 153 Online