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Design and Analysis

Mechanical Engineering Technology

Design and analysis stream provides broad-based skills to prepare students for opportunities in a wide variety of industries. It emphasizes mechanical design analysis, graphics, computer simulation analysis, and design link to materials and manufacturing processes, as well as compliance with standards, codes and regulatory requirements. Core concepts include structural and machine integrity analysis and assessment; troubleshooting analysis; failure and failure prevention analysis; maintenance, inspection and testing performance; HVAC (heating, ventilation and air-conditioning) system analysis; energy conversion systems analysis and design; and hydraulic and pneumatic systems and components analysis. Knowledge and skills attained are applicable in key areas such as oil and gas, pipelines, aerospace, vehicles, power plants, marines and renewable energy systems.

Course Aptitudes:

  • Enjoy researching and retaining technical information
  • Mathematical skills
  • Ability to research and apply materials behavior and characteristics.
  • Analytical skills to identify problems, reach a solution or evaluate test result
  • Use of reasoning and logic in reaching a solution
  • Trouble shooting
  • Scientific and logical approach to problem solving
  • Drawing, hand sketching and CAD capabilities
  • Good verbal and written communications skills
  • Ability to work with multiple projects at one time
  • Well organized and able to prioritize workload
  • Self-motivated, with the ability to work independently
  • Ability to motivate others
  • Ambition to achieve goals and progress beyond
  • Eagerness to learn new technologies, techniques, and methods
  • Strong focus and attention to details (technical, economic, environmental, safety, business and interpersonal)

Career Opportunities

  • Engineering Technologist
  • Mechanical Engineering Technologist
  • Mechanical Design Technologist
  • Technical inspector
  • Field operation technologist
  • HVAC technologist
  • Pipeline technologist
  • Pressure vessels technologist
  • Failure and failure prevention analyst
  • Machine integrity analyst
  • Materials technologist
  • Maintenance and maintenance scheduling analyst
  • Quality control technologist
  • Environmental technologist
  • Heating designer
  • Mould; tool and die; and jig and fixture designer
  • Technical sales
  • Instrumentation Specialist
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