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Continuing Education

Whether you’re looking to advance your career or develop new skills, our part-time, fast-track and online courses can help you grow. Through business, construction, technologies or any of our other industry-driven options, you’ll gain hands-on experience and know-how needed to make your mark.

Our classroom, online or blended delivery options provide you with the flexibility to learn where and when you choose. You can take courses individually, or as part of a certificate, diploma, degree or applied degree program. 

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SAIT Continuing Education offers professional certification through flexible on campus and distance learning training courses in business, management and technical programs.
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Continuing Education Programs and Courses

Name Available Offered Credential Status
Name Course Code Offered Term
Chemistry and Field Application Laboratory CHEM 107 Classroom
Chemistry for Oil and Gas CHEM 193 Classroom
Chemistry I CHEM 181 Classroom or Online
Chemistry II CHEM 182 Classroom or Online
Chinese Stirfry CKNG 116 Classroom
Chocolate BAKE 139 Classroom
Christmas Cookie Exchange BAKE 173 Classroom
Christmas Dinner COOK 174 Classroom
Chutneys and Relishes CKNG 147 Classroom
Cinematography VDEO 106 Classroom
Cisco ITE Instructor Training CMPH 120 Classroom
Civil 3D Fundamentals CADD 139 Classroom
Clinical Chemistry Theory Refresher CHEM 353 Online
Clinical Laboratory - Overview MEDL 250 Classroom
Clinical Microbiology MBIO 316 Classroom or Online
Clinical Placement PRAC 271 Classroom
Close-up Photography PHOT 250 Classroom
CNC - Introduction to Controllers MNFG 230 Classroom
CNC - Introduction to Programming MNFG 210 Classroom
CNC Advanced MNFG 218 Classroom
CNC Intermediate - Lathe MNFG 216 Classroom
CNC Intermediate - Milling MNFG 217 Classroom
Coiled Tubing Essentials PTPR 109 Classroom
Coiled Tubing for Field Operators PTPR 126 Classroom
Coiled Tubing for Field Operators - Emergency Contingencies PTPR 119 Classroom
Coiled Tubing for Senior Operators - Emergency Contingencies PTPR 127 Classroom
Collaborative Software and Technologies BCMP 215 Classroom or Online
Collection Development for Adults LIBR 260 Online
Collection Organization LIBR 280 Classroom or Online
Commercial Construction Fundamentals CSTN 206 Online
Commercial Estimating ESTM 209 Online
Commercial Project Management MNGT 212 Online
Common Law Issues ELAW 109 Classroom
Communicating Effectively COMM 218 Classroom or Online
Communicating in the Workplace COMM 352 Classroom
Communication and Negotiation Essentials COMM 194 Classroom
Communication and Presentation Skills COMN 220 Classroom or Online
Communication and Presentation Skills COMM 1070 Classroom
Communication and Presentation Skills II COMN 280 Classroom or Online
Communication and Relational Skills PMAC 118 Classroom
Communication and Relational Skills SCMT 118 Classroom
Communication Skills for Administrative Professionals COMM 191 Classroom
Communication Skills for Pipeline Operators COMM 187 Classroom or Online
Communications CNTR 155 Classroom
Communications 1 COMN 151 Classroom
Communications 2 COMN 152 Classroom
Communications 3 COMN 153 Classroom
Communications 4 COMN 154 Classroom
Communications 5 COMN 155 Classroom
Communications Preparation COMN 100
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