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Third Class Power Engineering - Part B - PWEN 242

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Course Description

In Alberta, successful completion of a 3rd Class Part A & B Power Engineering course will provide up to 6 months' credit in lieu of the 12 months needed for operating experience to write the last half of the government exams. For more info regarding certification regulations go to www.absa.ca or www.sopeec.org.

If outside of Alberta, ensure that our course is accredited in your province. 1 Long Answer Final Examination: 3.5 hours long (B1) and 1 Multiple Choice Final Examination: 3.5 Hours long (B2).

Part B of Third Class Power Engineering covers 30 modules:

  • Watertube Boilers Design
  • Special Boiler Designs
  • Boiler Construction (USCS)
  • Boiler Heat Transfer Components
  • High Pressure Boiler Fittings
  • Burner Designs and Supply Systems
  • Boiler Draft and Flue Gas Equipment
  • Boiler Control Systems (USCS)
  • Boiler Procedures
  • Internal Water Treatment for Boilers
  • Boiler Water Pretreatment
  • Pump Designs and Operations
  • Pump Head Calculations
  • Welding Procedures and Inspection
  • Pressure Vessels
  • Steam Turbine Principles and Design
  • Steam Turbine Auxiliaries and Operation
  • Turbine Condenser Systems
  • Gas Turbine Principles and Designs
  • Gas Turbine Auxiliaries and Operation
  • Internal Combustion Engines
  • Cogeneration Systems & Operation
  • Compressor Theory and Designs
  • Compressor Auxiliaries and Operation
  • Refrigeration Principles and Systems
  • Refrigeration Auxiliaries and Operation
  • Heat Exchangers and Cooling Towers
  • Fired Heaters
  • Wastewater Treatment
  • Plant Maintenance and Administration

Credits: 0