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Third Class Power Engineering Part A - PWEN 222

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Course Description

In Alberta, successful completion of a 3rd Class Part A Power Engineering course is required in order to write the first half of the government exams. For more information regarding certification regulations go to www.absa.ca, or if outside of Alberta, http://sopeec.org

If outside of Alberta, ensure that our course is accredited in your province. For the evening course, students should purchase the textbooks before attending their first class at www.powerengineering.ca, or call 1-866-256-8193.

Part A Third Class course topics include:Algebra Operations, Logarithms & Problem Solving Trigonometry & Mensuration Forces, Friction, Work, PowerEnergy, Linear & Angular Motion Strength of Materials, Bending of Beams, Simple Machines, Pressure, Density, Flow Heat, State Change, Calorimetry Thermal Expansion & Heat Transfer Steam Properties, Gas Laws & Calculations Chemistry Fundamentals Metallurgy & Materials Corrosion Principles & Industrial Drawings Legislation & Codes for Power Engineers Code Calculations - ASME Section I Fuels, Combustion, Flue Gas Analysis Piping Design, Connections, Support Steam Traps, Water Hammer, Insulation Valves & Actuators Electrical Theory & DC Machines AC Theory & Machines AC Systems, Switchgear, Safety Electrical Calculations Control Loop & Strategies Instrument & Control Devices Distributed & Logic Control Safety Management Programs Fire Protection Systems.

Credits: 0