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Petroleum Application Overview - PETR 110

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Course Description

This petroleum overview training provides the foundation for courses required for the SAIT's Upstream Petroleum Industry Certificate, the Petroleum Geological Applications Certificate and the Unconventional Petroleum Certificate.

Learn the scope of the oil and gas industry, including the major functions, products and the environment within which it operates, particularly in Canada. We will cover production and the process of detecting, accessing and maintaining oil and gas production. We will also discuss a variety of unconventional methods and sources that are being accessed to supply energy to customers, including upstream production operations. Discussions about midstream to downstream operations will further reveal how the final product gets to the consumer through pipelines, refineries, processing plants and marketing.

A 'challenge exam' is available for people already familiar with exploration, geology, drilling and production operations. A course waiver is not allowed for this course. Final course grade is P/NP (pass/not pass) and is not included in the certificate GPA.


Credits: 0


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