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Journeyman Electrician prepares for exam.

Upgrading for Electricians


Available: Continuing Education Classroom

Program Description

These courses are for students wanting to pursue an electrical trade certification.

  • 'Interprovincial Electrical Code and Applied Theory' prepares Journeyman Electricians for the Red Seal examination.
  • 'Master Electrician Code and Applied Theory' prepares Journeyman Electricians and Electrical Engineers for the Masters examination.
  • 'Solar PV: Installation for Electricians' covers permits/restrictions, logistical site considerations, system sizing, factors affecting solar PV output and aspects involved with the CEC relating to the installation.
  • 'Solar PV: Introduction & Applications' is an introduction to electrical terms & properties, common PV architectures, basics of PV output and sizing, grid-tie, stand-alone and battery backup solar installations.
  • 'What's New In The Code' appeals to Electricians, Engineers, Technologists and other trades and professionals that need to be aware of updates to the Canadian electrical code.

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What's New In The Code CODE-103 Classroom
Interprovincial Electrical Code and Applied Theory CODE-150 Classroom
Master Electrican Code and Applied Theory CODE-252 Classroom
Solar PV: Installation for Electricians ELEC-141 Classroom
Solar PV: Introduction & Applications ELEC-142 Classroom