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Students in lab learn the basics of pipelines.

Petroleum Land Administration Certificate


Credential: Certificate
Available: Continuing Education Classroom or Online

Canada-Alberta Job Grant This program is eligible for Canada-Alberta Job Grant funding.

Program Description

Petroleum Land Administration provides a niche for people looking for employment in the energy asset management field. Courses cover the mineral, surface and contract land administration disciplines, preparing you to maintain the asset records of your employer. Assignments within the courses will provide you with case study exposure in the most relevant geographical areas in Western Canada: Alberta, Saskatchewan and British Columbia.

Professional Development North American Land Administration - Mineral/Surface Certificates of Completion -  visit sait.ca.

For more information on the continuing education (evening) offering of this Certificate contact 403.284.8451 or petroleum.land@sait.ca.

For more information on the distance education offering of this Certificate contact 403.284.8537 or distance.education@sait.ca.

Mineral/Surface Land Administrators | Mineral/Surface/Contract Land Analyst | Acquisition and Divestiture Consultant




Petroleum Industry - Introduction PETR-211 Classroom or Online
Land Practices - Introduction LAND-210 Classroom or Online
Mineral Lease Documentation LAND-212 Classroom or Online
Surface Land Practices LAND-240 Classroom or Online
Contract Documentation LAND-213 Classroom or Online
Lease Record Keeping LAND-218 Classroom or Online

Important Note: Students who wish to receive the certificate and have started the program after July 1, 2012, must officially apply to the program. You may apply at any time before or during the course of your studies but it is recommended you do so at the start. Students who do not meet the requirements, but would like to take the courses may do so, but no certificate will be granted upon completion Students have five (5) years from the start of their first course to complete all required courses and obtain the certificate. Please go to the Petroleum Land Administration (Accelerated) page to apply. If you meet the Admissions and Selection requirement for this program, click the "Apply Now" button to apply as part time for this program. Please note that there is an English Proficiency requirement for this program.