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Student reviews constuction documents.

Construction General Interest Courses


Available: Continuing Education Classroom or Online

Blueprint Reading BLPR-201 Online
Specifier I CNST-178 Online
Principles Construction Document CNST-245 Online
Technical Representative CNST-247 Online
Digital Drafting ENGD-102 Online
Process Piping Drafting I ENGD-109 Classroom or Online
CADWorx for Piping Drafting ENGD-110 Classroom
Process Piping Drafting IIA ENGD-111 Classroom or Online
Process Piping Drafting IIB ENGD-112 Classroom or Online
Pressure Vessel Design ENGD-113 Online
Plant Planning ENGD-114 Online
Estimating I ESTM-260 Online
Estimating with Sage I ESTM-265 Online
Estimating with Sage II ESTM-275 Online
Gas Appliance Troubleshooting GFTG-230 Classroom
Gas Fired Mid & High Efficiency Furnaces GFTG-232 Classroom
Swingstage Operations GLSS-103 Classroom
Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning Fundamentals HVAC-202 Classroom
Portable Fire Extinguisher MNTN-212 Classroom
Refrigerant Handling Cert. RFRG-200 Classroom