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Business and Industry

We're passionate about helping you and your organization - everything from research partnerships, to working with our industry partners to ensuring SAIT graduates are work-ready, to delivering competency-based education, training and workplace development solutions, to finding just the right student for the job.

Corporate Training Solutions

As you are a champion of workforce development, training and organizational excellence, we understand that the quality of your workforce is the single biggest factor impacting your organization's success.

SAIT Polytechnic is a leading provider of education, training and workplace solutions worldwide and here's why.

What We Do


  • Assess and customize to your needs
  • Understand your industry
  • Offer training that is skills-based
  • Offer real-world instructional expertise
  • Offer learning-anytime, anywhere
  • Offer certification that is industry recognized
  • Understand your workforce and support their lifelong learning

Visit sait-training.com to learn more about our various solutions including those for Oil & Gas Operations and Maintenance, First Nations Communities, as well as our solutions for international markets such as Training for Workforce Nationalization and Vocational Institutional Capacity Building.

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Build Your Personal Training Plan

We've developed the SAIT Skills Builder - a web-based tool that helps match the business, supervisory and communication skills you're looking for with actual SAIT courses available. It's quick, easy to use, and free-try it now!

Start Today.

Let us help you design an effective training program for your organization. Contact our Corporate Training Solutions Associates in Calgary, Alberta at 403.210.5757 or 1.866.884.7117 or email training@sait.ca.

Research and innovation

Applied Research and Innovation Services (ARIS) is SAIT Polytechnic's gateway for applied research projects from industry, students and faculty.

Through this work, SAIT plays an active role in the advancement of technology and is able to transfer innovation into the classroom and provide a continuous supply of highly qualified, skilled people needed by organizations.

Hire a SAIT student

SAIT Student Employment Services offers many resources to match future employers with current students and graduates.

We provide a complimentary online job posting system for employers to advertise full-time, part-time, contract, summer, and work experience positions, exclusive to our skilled and knowledgeable students and alumni.

We also offer Career Directions, an on-campus bi-annual job fair, where you can recruit our students in person.

Visit our Employer Services page to find out more. 

Be our guest

SAIT's main campus offers some of the most unique venues in the city for hosting events of all sizes. Browse our venues and meeting rooms.