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Class Notes

Class Notes is your opportunity to reconnect with classmates and tell them what you've been up to since graduation! 

Thanks to all who contributed a class note to the commemorative issue of LINK! Your note is now part of SAIT history — a copy of this special issue was included in the 2016 Time Capsule. The time capsule will be opened in 2116 but, until then, we invite all SAIT alumni to continue sharing your news, stories and memories with your classmates.


Bernard Nemeth (AGM '58) writes, "I attended when SAIT was still known as PITA. I was going to be a farmer, so I took the Agricultural Mechanics program. Somewhere along the way I ended up in computers and even taught a couple of evening classes at SAIT in the late 1990s."


Ken Short (PET '74) writes, "Hello to all! I'm back at SAIT as Instructor Ken, working with Corporate Training Solutions."

Gene Lukomski (TSR '78) writes, "Hi to all my classmates from TSR. It was 40 years ago that I met you all on SAIT's campus. We were excited to start our careers in broadcasting and many of us entered the field upon graduation. I have had limited contact with some of you over the years and I look forward to the opportunity to connect at the 100th Birthday Party this fall."

Katherine Matiko (nee McKee) (JA '79) was the editor of the Emery Weal in 1978/79 and winner of the D.C. Fleming Award for student service and academic achievement. After living in various Alberta communities, she now works in Calgary as a communications specialist.

Diane Skene (DA '79) writes, "Remember when our graduation was a tea party held out on the lawn? Thank goodness the weather was beautiful. We were the last class to wear nurses' hats in our class photo - I still have that photo. After graduation, I went out into the oral health care world only to find myself back at SAIT where I have been working for more than 20 years. Happy anniversary, SAIT."


Harbinder Luddu (IXT '81) writes, "I started working at SAIT after graduating. Back then, there were terminals for email and a couple of small student terminal labs with dot matrix printers — and smoking was allowed in buildings. I have seen SAIT change and been involved with the growth from then to now."

Kathy Ma (nee Kolling) (CT '81) took the summer off after graduation to travel and later became a junior programmer with Canadian Occidental Petroleum. Kathy worked in programming for 13 years, then switched careers to become a full-time mom.

Patricia Cameron-Skippen (BA '83) lives in Sherwood Park, AB, and has been working at the Good Samaritan Society in financial accounting for the last 12 years.

Giuliana Melo (HM '83) worked for Alberta Health Services in Health Information Management as a clerk and then a coder for 32 years. Now retired, she writes: "I am an angel intuitive bringing my love of medicine to holistic and alternative medicine."

Cheryl Johnson (SA '88) writes, "Hi to my Secretarial Arts 1988 graduate class. I was Cheryl Ruggles when we were at SAIT. I hope my SA alumni are all healthy and happy!"

Lisa Mueller (DA '89) has been a volunteer for the Edmonton Dental Assistants Association for 16 years, promoting oral health to underprivileged children and teenagers in the Edmonton region. She is the Dental Health Promotions Director and recently initiated a proposal for providing dental care for youth staying in a local homeless shelter.


Mona James (TC '91) went on to pursue her Tourism degree at the University of Calgary and worked for Fairmont Hotels & Resorts before returning to teach in Hospitality Management at SAIT. Currently she is also pursuing her Master of Arts in Tourism Management with Royal Roads University.

Rob Milman (IXT '92) writes, "I've been working in and around downtown since graduating. Now, I've returned to SAIT. It's like coming home — a lot has changed and a lot has stayed the same. I hope to see all my former classmates at the 100th birthday celebration."

Gail Gautreau (HRT '94) writes, "After completing my practicum at Foothills Hospital I was offered a job at the Tom Baker Cancer Centre. I am a cancer registrar in the Cancer Registry, where we code and stage all cancers diagnosed in southern Alberta."

Stephen Miles (HRA '94) has been in hospitality since graduation in roles including general manager and director of food and beverage. Now a multi-unit food services manager at Extendicare Health Services Inc., he writes he would love to catch up with classmates on Facebook.

Wendy Hobbs (TSR '95, CVT '04) has used the skills from her diplomas as well as her industry experience to become an instructor in Civil Engineering Technology at SAIT. Wendy is also president of Canadian Institute of Quantity Surveyors - Prairies and NWT.

Janis Rapchuk (LIT '95) worked for 15 years in private industry and has been working at SAIT's Reg Erhardt Library for seven years.

Judy Zhu (BA '96) writes, "I am glad that I got my CPA after graduating at SAIT! I hope I can meet some of my classmates at the 100th SAIT Birthday Party!"

Jennifer Peters (LIT '97, APM '11) has worked at SAIT's Reg Erhardt Library since 1999. Jennifer writes, "I'm happy that SAIT is such a big part of my life!"

Alex Chu (APT '99) writes, "The APT program was an eye-opener, and the networks I established in the oil and gas industry became my personal network. Now retired, I'm busy taking care of my grandchildren. Congratulations on 100 years!"

Kimberly Jones (OAC '99) is a Public Engagement Specialist with Customer Service and Communications at the City of Calgary. She has also completed her Bachelor of Arts degree and spent some time working abroad in London, England.


Nancy Bergmann (PCK '00) writes, "I've spent time working in the restaurant industry, but an unexpected career change has since brought me back to SAIT, where I work in Student Services. I get the privilege of helping students create their own stories at SAIT."

Deanna Burgart, P.Eng. (nee Niven) (CET '00) writes, "SAIT paved the way to an exciting career in upstream oil and gas production and pipelines and inspired me to give back to the profession as a mentor and teacher through serving on the Council for the Association of Science and Engineering Technology."

Melanie Gukert (TC '00, MKT '04) writes, "SAIT's Travel Consultant program was such a relevant program and prepared me for my career of choice. I had amazing teachers who each cared with all their heart."

Derek MacBeth (ITP '02) worked with Computer Science Canada in a desk-side support contract after graduation. Derek now works for SAIT supporting servers for the School of Information and Communications Technologies.

Melissa Ross (TC '02) writes, "Travel and Tourism allowed me to work in a field that lets me follow my dreams."

Janis Simmons (PCK '02, BPA '07) has worked in various restaurants and bakeries throughout the city, and works as a baker at Safeway. She writes, "I have much gratitude for Safeway in supporting me through my breast cancer journey (diagnosed in 2010), the recovery, and in my role as Breast Cancer Survivor Spokesperson for the 2015 CIBC Run for the Cure."

Lorraine Eger (TC '03) worked in travel for seven years before becoming a teacher.

Ralph Logullo (WEP '03) is working as a SAIT welding instructor.

Nicola Opsal (COPP '03) is running her own small content management services company.

Carmen Pineda-Selva (TSR '03) writes, "I recently helped to create a $2.5 million online broadcast network in Vulcan, Alberta!"

Ifran Esmail (CNT '04, ITS '11) is working in IT security consulting.

Audrey Farch (LIT '05) has worked at SAIT's Reg Erhardt Library for the last 10 years. Audrey writes, "I love the atmosphere and enjoy working with students and staff."

Aixa Gault (LA '05) is working at the Court of Queen's Bench in Calgary as a judicial clerk.

Arianne Lowe (PHTR '05, EVT '11) has been working as an environmental consultant since graduation.

Ryan Schriml (TSR '05) worked for 10 years as a sound effects editor and pre-mixer on a large number of film and television projects. Four years ago, he returned to SAIT as an instructor in the Film and Video Production program.

Marie Alvarez (PHTR '06) writes, "After taking the Pharmacy Technician course and other courses towards my Information and Records Management certificate, I have encouraged others to go to school at SAIT. This September, my brother and one of my best friends will begin studying there!"

Lynn Gee (APPM '06, LAC '08) writes, "I could not leave fast enough when I graduated, but now I've been a SAIT employee with the School of Business for more than a decade and I still love it!"

Stephanie Hogewoning (AXT '06) has travelled North and South America and Antarctica maintaining aircraft for the British Antarctic Survey. In 2012, Stephanie was offered an instructor position at SAIT. She writes, "I love to share my passion for the aviation industry with my students and give back to the institution that has given me so much."

Bushra Ihtasham (SPT '06) writes, "Hi everyone, I am at SAIT and still working with the Medical Device Reprocessing Technician program and will hopefully see some of you again. Let's celebrate 100 years of SAIT together!"

Yi Ming Wu (TIM '07) works at the SAIT Helpline.

Kristin Benoit (JA '08) is now the communications advisor with Waste and Recycling Services with the City of Calgary. She writes, "Every day I use the writing skills I honed during my time at SAIT!"

Lindsay Eley (PCK '08) has continued to cook, working everywhere from bars to fine dining. She's looking forward to going back to school in the near future to expand her knowledge in another field.

Brianne Muto (TVT '08) has been working as a travel counsellor at the AMA, where she has worked for nine years. Brianne has won four Sales and Service Excellence awards in her position. 

Kelli Morning Bull (RTBN '09) is employed with Mount Royal University as a student success coordinator for the Iniskim Centre. A freelance director, producer and director of photography, she is also active in Calgary's arts community as board secretary of EMMEDIA.

Joseph Perks (PELP '09, IT '13) has been working for Bell Canada as a voice systems field technician for the last two and a half years. He writes, "The experiences and connections I have made at SAIT have proven to be invaluable."


Jayson Gaudreau (HGMT '10, AWEP '14) writes, "I love running into former classmates and instructors out in the industry!"

Liz Coderre (APPM '11) writes, "SAIT has opened so many doors for me, socially and professionally. It seems everyone has a story to tell or a project tip to share! I can't wait until I need to upgrade and attend SAIT again!"

Heather Gough (BA '11) writes, "I am so happy I attended SAIT. It was a great two years —amazing teachers and classmates, and I learned enormously. I am very proud to be a SAIT graduate — I just wish they had had the degree program for Business Administration when I was there!"

Priya Guha (ACCA '11) writes, "Great experience, wonderful teachers and some good friends and peers. I am so grateful to SAIT."

Carla Hick (PCK '11) has been cooking since she graduated - now she's even growing food herself.

Abdiaziz Tahaaye (HIM '11) writes, "Hi fellas, right after my graduation I found a job in my field and I've been working ever since."

Jodi Currie (TVT '12) worked as an international travel agent for a few years but she has returned to her roots in communications and events. This led to her dream opportunity job, working with SAIT's centennial project team as volunteer coordinator.

Nicole Laitre (AIM '12) was hired by an auditing firm after graduation, which led to the opportunity to work in Sydney, Australia. Now, she's excited to be back at SAIT working as an administrative assistant. 

Dax Larsen (ASMP '12, AIM '16) writes, "Back at it again with the sheet metal!"

Carolynn Nguyen (FVP '12) has worked on many different freelance video projects and corporate jobs since graduation. She writes that she is in a sales/marketing position "exploring new ways to use my skills for the benefit of my company."

Jaclyn Reid (MGMT '12) writes, "Completing my program has allowed me to further the furniture service and moving business I now own and operate with my husband. Without the learning options SAIT had available, I would not be where I am today."

Salem Scammell (BA '12, BADM '14) is a Legacy CGA Completer working towards completing the required professional experience of his accreditation.

Arlie Cunningham (AT '13) writes, "Learning only escalates after graduation. I'm using my skills at Building Science + Architecture Ltd. with Ben Hildebrandt (AT '08) and John Way (AT '12)."

Steve Rwasa (BA '13) moved to Canada five years ago and made the decision to go to SAIT. "It was the best decision I could make," he writes. "I made some amazing friends at SAIT and I am working as a financial advisor with a major bank."

Drake Hankinson (BA '14) is employed by a prominent tech startup in Calgary. Drake writes, "I love the people I work with, and I'm proud to represent SAIT in my industry!"

Alexandra Lack (NHL '14) is a director with Pampered Chef.

Jie Lin (AIM '14) writes, "It's amazing that SAIT will go into its second century this year. I'm so lucky I will witness this historical moment as a SAIT staff member."

Tory Martin (PLUP '14) is working for Hoover Mechanical and plans to return to SAIT for another degree.

Thao Nguyen (BA '14), former SAITSA Vice President Student Life, is working with the University of Calgary Graduate Students' Association as their Event Coordinator.

Shawn Norris (RTBN '14) is an On Air Operator at Global News Calgary and ensures the accurate play out of all 28 Global stations across Canada. He has also started his own brand called Journey Alberta, where he explores the province through videos and blog posts.

Ashlee-Lynn Potter (AIM '14) worked in SAIT's Communications and Marketing department on contract, and has joined an enterprise information management department where she has been promoted to the position of quality assurance officer. 

Catherine Wight (GCPT '14) runs her own photography business but she has had to put it on hold because, she writes, she's "now on baby #2!"

Reaghan Embertson (MLA '15, PLA '16) started working at the Diagnostic and Scientific Centre in Calgary shortly after finishing the program. Reaghan writes, "I went back to school and am still working after a trip to Charlottetown, PEI." 

Adam Harder (GCPT '15) writes, "Between teaching my program at SAIT and running my own business, life has been busy!"

Katie Isaak (LIT '15) is working at St. Dominic's Elementary School and putting her library technician knowledge to good use with her work on a Lego club, the school's Makerspace Team and the reading challenges she leads.

Samantha Lynn (PLA '15) is working at Suncor Energy as a land intern and is also working towards her Energy Asset Management diploma at SAIT.

Mia Ostere (GCPT '15) is doing freelance work for a realty company and is also a customer service representative at a small print shop in Calgary.

Tanya Ridley (MOA '15) writes, "My mom worked at SAIT for almost 30 years in Student Services until her death in 2014. Her last wish of me was to continue my education so naturally my only choice was SAIT. Thank you for helping to grant my mom's last wish!"

Faith Courtereille (BA '16) graduated as a marketing major and is working as an entrepreneur, creating and distributing native-made fashions and designs by Powwow Styles Designs.

Sage Holmes (AOM '16) writes, "I had such an amazing experience at SAIT, I'm thinking about going back to further my education!"

Stephen Ip (AIM '16) is working for the School of Business at SAIT as a member of the rebranding team. He writes, "Education is my passion and my goal is to work for an institution that focuses on applied education."

Jacy Letendre (GNT '16) writes, "I've been busy since graduation, but not with work by any means. I've been celebrating my freedom with social events and trying new things. I'm trying to fit in as much as I can this summer before returning to school in the fall!"

John Osi (IIET '16) is "happy to graduate! Glad to be working. Honoured to volunteer!"

Monica Schuh (LIT '16) writes, "What a privilege to be a SAIT alumna. I am so happy that I chose SAIT when I returned to school."

Lorie Tran (IT '16) is headed to Iowa to pursue a program in project management. She writes, "I hope everyone is successful after graduating."

Kelsey Yates (JA '16) began interning at the Strathmore Standard newspaper after graduation. She writes, "I love my job and I'm so glad that SAIT has given me this opportunity. Journalism is my passion, and I can't wait to see where it takes me."