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SAIT alumni Class Notes from around the world

Class Notes is your opportunity to reconnect with classmates and tell them what you've been up to since graduation. 

We're on the hunt for SAIT alumni living and working around the globe for our Spring 2018 edition of LINK magazine.  Submit a note  and your update may be included in the next edtion of LINK magazine, your award-winning alumni publication. 

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Fall 2017 Class Notes


DOUG HANDFORD (TSR '73) — Doug earned a Bachelor of Science in Business from DeVry University in Phoenix, Arizona in 1991. In 1988 he received the Order of the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem from Queen Elizabeth II for his work with St. John Ambulance. In 2005 he received the Alberta Centennial Medal for having served with the Order of St. John for more than 12 years, including serving as Chair of the Central Alberta Branch.

PAT MORROW (JA '73, DA '10) — Pat began working freelance as an adventure photographer in 1975. For 35 years, he and his wife Baiba produced magazine articles and books; for 10 years they were a documentary filmmaking team. Now retired, Morrow is still using the photo and writing skills from his SAIT Journalism program in volunteer projects for environmental and humanitarian causes.

JAN WAGNER (TSR '79) — "In 1979, I began my career writing and producing TV commercials, first at CFCN Lethbridge and then at ITV in Edmonton. In 1984, a client transferred me to San Diego, where I still live. I've also written and produced industrial and marketing videos, computer- and paper-based training, interactive web content and more. Now I write and do photography for my weekly, self-syndicated newspaper, online and magazine lifestyle column called 'AutoMatters & More.' As of mid-August, 502 columns have been published. To read some of them, visit www.DriveTribe.com and enter 'AUTOMATTERS' in the website's search bar."


DEAN AYLES (EXT '80) — Dean has retired from SAIT after 37 years as an electronics technologist producing training aids for instructors. His father, Chuck Ayles, was a SAIT instructor and his son, Chris, graduated from SAIT's Aircraft Structural Technician program in 2017.

ADRIENNE OWEN (CTSR '82) — "After graduating from the Radio section of CTSR and working in radio news for two years, I explored several different careers including working at oil companies and selling cars. I've been at WestJet for the past several years, looking after guests in the Service and Sales Centre and using every skill I ever learned at SAIT."

ANN MARIE ANGEBRANDT (JA '82) — "After SAIT, I did a BA at the University of Calgary with internships at the Calgary Herald and Canadian Press. I travelled the world for the next three years, including crewing on a yacht from the Mediterranean to India, and driving an old Volkswagen camper around Australia for a year. I then did a post-grad diploma in Asian business studies at Vancouver's Capilano College, which took me to Hong Kong for work in magazines and radio for nearly five years. I moved to Australia in 1995, had a family, and worked in media and teaching roles. For the last decade I've been at a Melbourne university doing media and communications."

KEN KING (EMTP '82, DA '89) — In July, Ken celebrated 30 years as a flight paramedic with STARS. He was one of the first paramedics to join STARS as a volunteer in 1985 and was involved in creating the Emergency Link Centre in 1996. On Facebook, STARS says "His passion for patient care still burns just as brightly 30 years later."

MARTIN LESPERANCE (EMTP '84) — Now retired from his career as a firefighter and paramedic, Martin is a prolific author and public speaker who educates people on safety topics related to work, home and play. He is expanding his website, www.thinkandbesafe.com, as a free safety training resource for small business. The website features Martin's articles and videos with additional content posted regularly. Dedicated to injury prevention, Martin draws on his experience as a paramedic for topics in his multiple publications, his YouTube channel, presentations to clients including Boeing, Los Alamos National Laboratory and Weyerhaeuser, and "Think & Be Safe," a multi-media resource kit with video presentations and specially created playing cards on specific safety topics.

KIM MARTIN (LIT '85) — "After graduation I worked in the PanCanadian Corporate Library followed by 13 years at Springbank Community High School. In 1999, I was office manager of JW Plumbing & Heating. Since 2013, I've been the 'K' in J & K Limited, where my partner does the plumbing and I take on whatever job comes my way - from graphic design to photo shoots to bookkeeping. I've been an active member of the Alberta Association of Library Technicians for 34 years, and I am Team Leader and a singer with the Chinook Winds Show Chorus."

PATRICIA HARCOURT (JA '86) — After 10 years with the Tofield Mercury, where she won numerous national awards for writing and photography, Patricia has returned to the Viking Weekly Review as its editor. She holds a Bachelor of Arts with Distinction in Sociology from the University of Saskatchewan as well as her SAIT diploma. Previously Patricia has worked at the Banff Crag and Canyon and with Caribou Publishing's The Community Press. She will continue to cover county meetings for the Beaver County Chronicle.

GRANT NOLIN (CTSR '87) — "Like many students in my class, I started my career in a small market - when stations still produced content. I worked at CFJC in Kamloops before the bright lights of 2&7 Television lured me back home. I produced and directed commercials for the next eight years, notably Jarome Iginla's first TV spot as a professional. I then did the freelance thing, directing documentaries and criss-crossing North America, from diamond mines to an orphanage in Haiti. Now I run a company of one, shooting and editing corporate videos for a handful of clients. Thirty years later and still in the business!"

TODD POULSEN (CVT '88) — Todd, President of Elan Construction, has been named by Business in Calgary magazine as one of its 2017 Leaders.

ANIKA VAN WYK (JA '88) — "So happy to be back at SAIT - this time as Associate Director of Communications. Every day the work we do fills me with pride."

BRENT MORRICE (BA '90) — Brent has worked with IKON Office Solutions, Rogers Wireless Airsource, and Extreme Engineering: A Schlumberger Company. He is now president of Kayden Industries, an international oil and gas service company located in Calgary and Houston, Texas.


NORM HAWKINS (TSR '92) — I worked in TV (CHAT and A-Channel) and started my own production company. In 2006, I accepted a job at SAIT instructing journalism. I've had the best job in the world ever since."

MARGARET (MAGGIE) NODEN-HAMILTON (NÉE NODEN; CTSF '92) — Following her time at SAIT, Maggie went on to earn her Bachelor of Communications Studies and Master of Arts of Communications and Technology. She worked at CTV as a news editor and as a VTR operator. Since 1999, she has worked at SAIT as a senior multimedia developer.

JAMES REID (AT '94) — Licensed to practice architecture in both Alberta and California, James has accumulated more than 15 years of extensive experience in the fields of building conservation, commercial and residential architecture, and interior design. He holds a master's degree in architecture from Montana State University and, in 2012, he returned to Alberta to start Taigh Architecture, a firm specializing in heritage conservation of Alberta's historic buildings. "SAIT laid the groundwork and I'm still very grateful for that first jam-packed two years of training in the Architectural Technology program."

JANIS RAPCHUK (LIT '95) — After graduation, Janis worked in private industry for 15 years. For the last eight years, she has worked as a library technician in SAIT's Reg Erhardt Library.

CHRISTINE CHAMBERS (LIT '96) — "After graduating from SAIT, I worked for the public library system and an energy company library. In 1999, I took time out to be a full-time mom then went back to do a BA in English at St. Mary's University, where I now work. I also spent almost two years part time at Willow Park Wines helping connect people with the wonderful world of wine and food. Books and wine, wine and books - how to choose between them? Maybe I'll write an annotated bibliography of Canadian wine books!"

HARWINDER KANG, (AUCD '97) — Harwinder is President of Prime Real Estate Group and has been recognized by Business in Calgary magazine with a 2017 Leaders Award.

HARRY S. ANCHAN (TNT '92, BAI '98) — "Those were memorable days at SAIT. After eight years at IBM, followed by 10 years at TransCanada, ConocoPhillips, Chevron, and Enbridge, I am working as a systems analyst for Alberta Justice, supporting judges, justices and administration at the Calgary Court Centre. I would love to hear from my classmates in both programs."

LISA SOLIE (NÉE PANCHYK, CTSR '98) — "Although I'm not currently working in media, I'm pretty sure I'm using some of the things I learned in CTSR. As a stay-at-home mom, I get lots of opportunities to practice my diction and projection (thank you, Dean Patterson) when I yell at my 2½-year-old daughter to get off the table. My interviewing skills are stymied, though, when I ask my eight-year-old son what he did all day at school and he tells me he forgets or doesn't want to talk because his brain is too full at the moment."


JOHN HIMPE (CTSR '00) — "After 16 years working in radio and television in Saskatchewan, I finally made the move back to Calgary where I am part of the team at Corus Radio's News Talk 770. Working the beat as a reporter, I'm rediscovering Calgary and getting the opportunity to tell some great stories!"

JENNIFER TZANAKOS (CTSR '00) — "After graduating from Film and Video Production, I attended ACAD for four years, focusing on photography. I worked as a marketing assistant at Art Central for three-plus years, then for UPPERCASE Magazine. I now work as a media designer for curriculum development at Bow Valley College, which I love. A typical workday for me includes photography, graphic design and video creation and curation."

PAUL KINGSMITH (TSR '02) — Paul has been named one of four SimpsonScarborough Scholars by the Council for Advancement and Support of Education (CASE). As a scholar, Kingsmith travelled to Boston University to attend the Summer Institute for Communications and Marketing, CASE's flagship training program for newcomers to the field. Kingsmith joined Lethbridge College as a communications specialist following a career in television news.

PETE MCCARTNEY (JA '06, PCK '11) — "Since graduation, I have been published in magazines and newspapers across Canada, but in the end it really didn't end up paying well and I am now working as a chef."

COLLEEN HILDEBRANDT (TSR '05) — "I loved my time at SAIT! Since graduating I've moved to beautiful Victoria, B.C., earned my master's degree and landed a career working for the provincial government. The CTSR (now RTBN) program was amazing and I've continued to stay in touch with the incredible friends I made between 2003 and 2005."

CHARLIE LEE (JA '06) — "After journalism, I decided to expand my horizons, so to speak, and pursue a career in engineering. I completed a B.A.Sc in environmental engineering in 2013."

IMMANUEL NWACHUKWU (NMPD '06) — "Hello, class. After my graduation, I completed the co-op bachelor's degree program for communications studies at the University of Calgary. Our introduction to video production in NMPD drew an interest in filmmaking, which I furthered with a minor degree in film studies along with getting involved with the local film production community. I began working at Mezintel Inc., a software company, as a graphic/web designer freelancer and I now manage Mezintel's sales and marketing efforts. I'm also involved with a vocational school in Nigeria as a Marketing and HR advisor. Many of my efforts at El-Shaddai School of Vocational Studies are inspired by my experience at SAIT, and by my perception of how SAIT is being established as a highly reputable polytechnic in Canada. Above all, I'm a husband and father of two. My family is truly a blessing. Cheers."

SARAH HAMILTON (RTBN '08) — "My two years as a radio major were some of the most challenging and fun times of my life. Thanks to the high-quality training from Steve, Lou, Richard and others, I had a junior writing position by April of my second year. Nine and a half years later, I'm still at Rogers Media Calgary — writing copy, overseeing internal social media and a paperless broadcast order program, and more. It's always a humbling honour to come back to SAIT and chat with the current class. My words of wisdom: Don't let anyone tell you what is and isn't possible in your career, and make sure you have a work-life balance that keeps you happy and healthy."


AMANDA GREEN (LIT '10) — "After graduating, I was hired by the Royal Tyrrell Museum and I have been working in the museum's research library since March 2011. It is an exciting and challenging place to work and, as the only employee in the library, I am responsible for everything from purchasing to shelving the books. I also assist the curators in finding journal articles and books that are needed for their research."

MONIQUE MASSIAH (JA '10) — Monique became a photojournalist right out of school. She's also a blogger and a YouTube artist with live broadcasts on photography, black beauty and hair products, and editing tips using iMovie.

SARAH SCOTT (RTBN '11) — "Take any opportunity that you get that will lead towards your dream. Take the small town spot, the show that may not get thaaat many listeners or viewers, take the internship, take the job out of your comfort zone, because it all leads to huge opportunities."

KEVIN VINK (JA '11) — "I loved the Journalism Arts program. It helped me land a job as an editor/reporter, a career which I pursued for two-and-a-half years. I decided the trades were a better fit for me, however, and I am now working as an electrical apprentice. My photography and writing skills are still serving me well and despite not working in journalism, I still appreciate the education I received."

JENN DALEN (RTBN '12) — Jenn was named Program Director of the Year (Small Market) in the 2017 Canadian Music and Broadcast Industry Awards. She began her career right after graduation, working with Blackgold Broadcasting to launch 93.1 The One in Leduc and, two years later, 88.1 The One in Stony Plain. Dalen now works for Newcap Radio and is based in Red Deer, where she programs Heritage-Radio station CKGY (Real Country 95.5) and Newcap Alberta South (which includes Real Country 93.3 in Stettler, Real Country 105.7 in Brooks, Real Country 94.9 in Blairmore, and 910 CFCW in Drumheller).

BRANDI HOWARD (RTBN '12) — "Days before graduation, I signed on with the Canadian Traffic Network and it's been a dream. I report afternoon traffic on Country 105 and Q107, and I film Breaking News from a helicopter for Global Calgary. Truly an amazing opportunity! I've had the great pleasure to work alongside many SAIT grads who continue to accomplish incredible things. In the future, I hope to finish my communications degree and explore SAIT's photography program."

STEPHANIE MASSICOTTE (RTBN '12) — Stephanie has been working at CTV Saskatoon since graduating. She has worked her way up from chase producer and is now co-host/anchor of CTV Morning Live. Twitter: @CTVStephanie

SHAWN NORRIS (RTBN '14) — "Since graduating, I knew that Global News was the place where I wanted to work. I landed myself a casual position there and, over the years, I moved to permanent part-time and then to full-time. I attribute this largely to the philosophy I learned at SAIT: you get as much out of something as you put in. Day in and day out, I know that my dedication and willingness to learn helped me succeed to where I am today. All of that started at SAIT."

ASHLEY HUTCHINSON (PCK '15) — Ashley is working on the pastry team at the Hyatt Regency Calgary and spent the summer working as a counsellor with SAIT Summer Camps.

MIA OSTERE (GCPT '15) — Mia is working as a freelance graphic designer and recently graduated from the Hospital Unit Clerk certificate program at Bow Valley College.

CHELSEA SKELLY (GCPT '15) — Chelsea is a graphic designer with RedPoint Media & Marketing Solutions. As part of the Marketing Solutions department, she works on custom publications and design projects and has also worked on design pieces such as advertisements in Avenue magazine and for WestJet publications. "I'm grateful to be pursuing a career in something I love. Find me on LinkedIn!"

MARISHA BHUIYEN (GCPT '17) — Marisha travelled to Edmonton to compete in Graphic Design as part of Provincial Skills Canada Competitions, where she represented Calgary. She then advanced to National Skills Canada Competitions in Winnipeg as the Graphic Design representative for Alberta. She's also landed a full-time job as a graphic designer with Cascade Printing in Calgary.

KERRIENE ENGLAND (JA '17) — Kerriene is working as social media coordinator with Ghost Hunt Alberta. She also does design work for friends or family, and is debating coming back to study at SAIT in the School of Hospitality and Tourism, or pursuing a communications degree through the University of Calgary.

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