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School Directory

Main Office Telephone:
James Overall Dean  403.284.8228 G230A
Kimberly King Assistant to the Dean 403.774.5187 G230D
Joy Rolheiser Administrative Assistant 403.284.8952 G230
Noelle Davies Administrative Assistant 403.284.7052 G230
William Block Administrative Assistant 403.774.5183 G230
Cindy Findlay

Academic Chair, Culinary Programs

403.210.4254 G230C
Georg Windisch Academic Chair, Culinary Programs  403.774.5063 G241B
Margaret Walsh Interim Academic Chair, Travel and Tourism      403.284.8514 G241A
Margaret Walsh Academic Chair, Hospitality Management 403.284.8514 G241A
Rupert Kaupp Academic Chair, Culinary Programs 403.284.8942 G241E
April Schaly Marketing Communications Specialist 403.210.4007 G240B
Andy Trache Student Services Coordinator 403.210.4343 G241F
Wayne Hunter Curriculum Development Coordinator    403.284.7361 G240E
Marja Van Dyke Continuing Education, Distance Education, Corporate Training Solutions 403.774.4785 G230B
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