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Centre for Advanced Patient Care Simulation

The Centre for Advanced Patient Care Simulation opened in 2005 with an investment of nearly $1 million in the facility, equipment, curriculum and faculty education. The Centre expanded in 2011, with $300,000 in infrastructure upgrades courtesy of Alberta Advanced Education and Technology, to enhance the existing facilities with additional clinical space and a viewing hallway for observing simulation exercises. The expanded lab was also resourced with $100,000 in new equipment.

The lab realistically re-creates a clinical environment and a fully functional treatment area within the back of an ambulance. The Centre is stocked with sophisticated and realistic patient simulation manikins that can mimic human physiological parametres such as breathing, pulses, blinking, speaking. Students interact with the manikins as they would real patients, assessing, making treatment decisions, and then applying treatment and observing responses, all within a typical health care team setting.

The philosophy of the Centre is to provide students with a realistic environment in which they can safely make mistakes and learn from them, better preparing them for experience in the real world. Students are challenged with difficult patient care problems that can be recreated again and again until confidence and competence is achieved. Students typically find the simulation environment one of the most challenging and enjoyable parts of their learning at SAIT.

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