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Graduate Employment Survey

Students graduate from SAIT with a unique applied education. To measure their success in the workforce, our newest alumni are tapped for information about their employment status. 

SAIT surveys the previous year's graduates to find out how many of them were employed within six to 10 months of graduation, what type of employment they secured and the amount of their starting salaries. We also check in with employers to hear how satisfied they are with the SAIT grads they hired.

Here are the highlights of the 2015 Graduate Employment Survey:

Consistent with results from previous years, almost all 2015 graduates (97%) were in labour force (either employed or looking for work). Of these respondents, the majority (86%) is currently employed or has worked for three or more months prior to completing the survey. Seven-in-ten (70%) graduates are employed in training-related jobs.

  • For full-time training related employment, the median salary is $46,000. Similar to last year, 87% of graduates in training-related jobs have found full-time employment, and the same proportion has found on-going employment (87%).
  • In terms of location, similar to last year, the majority of graduates remain in the province (91%), but fewer have jobs in Calgary (72% in 2015 vs. 77% in 2014).
  • The proportion of graduates pursuing further education (18%) increased three percentage points compared to last year's results (15%).
  • Of the 218 Pre-employment graduates who were in the labour force, 88% have found employment between nine and twelve months of graduation. Of those employed, 77% have secured jobs related to their fields of study. 14% of pre-employment graduates were pursuing further education at the time of the survey.
  • Pre-employment graduates' annual median salary in training related full-time employment was $39,000, which was $1,040 lower than the previous year's salary of $40,040.
  • Similar to last year, 86% of Pre-employment graduates who found training-related employment are working in the Calgary region.

SAIT overall results

SAIT Overall

Results by academic school and program

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