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Fun Facts

About the Trades and Technology Complex

  • The complex covers 740,000 square feet. To put that into perspective, Market Mall is just slightly larger at approximately 900,000 square feet. The new TELUS Spark building could fit into the Technology complex five times.
  • The project cost $400 million and was made possible thanks to several generous donors and funding from the Alberta Government.
  • We estimate that 60 to 70 per cent of the work on the Trades and Technology Complex has been performed by SAIT alumnus.
  • SAIT officially broke ground for the construction phase of the Trades and Technology Complex in September 2009.
  • The Trades and Technology Complex is made from 29,917 m cubed (1,056,509 ft cubed) of concrete.
  • There are 142 toilets inside the Trades and Technology buildings.
  • There will be approximately 45,000 light bulbs used inside the Trades and Technology Complex.
  • The Trades and Technology Complex is made from 5,734,612 kg of rebar.
  • The Trades and Technology Complex will house the School of Construction, School of Manufacturing and Automation, and the MacPhail School of Energy as well as Applied Research and Innovation Services.
  • 3,505,190 feet of electrical wire was used inside the Trades and Technology Complex.
  • A total of six cranes were on SAIT campus during the height of construction of the Trades and Technology Complex.
  • More than two million labour hours will have gone into the Trades and Technology project by the time it's completed.
  • The Trades and Technology Complex buildings are equipped with a DALI system (Digital Addressable Light Interface) that allows every light in the complex to be turned on and off from a remote location. In addition, the lights can send a message when a bulb is burnt out. Occupancy sensors also manage the lights and the heating in each room so that when it is unoccupied the environment is automatically adjusted to save energy.
  • The exposed concrete floors in the buildings were created by seeding the concrete with small aggregate rocks that were then ground and polished into the floor. The floors are able to take a live load of 250 lbs per square foot. You could drive a fully loaded half ton truck on the floors without difficulty. 
  • To facilitate movement of heavy equipment the freight elevators can handle 15,000 lbs.
  • The basement of the Aldred Centre will house two idea rooms. Idea rooms (Instructional Development and Enhancement Area) are outfitted with smart boards to facilitate brainstorming and collaborative team work in small groups.
  • The Trades and Technology Complex will house several new food outlets including a Boston Pizza Express, Bento Sushi, Rice Tails, Starbucks, Second Cup, Tim Hortons and Spolumbo's. The Spolombo's kiosk is the company's first outside of their Inglewood location.
  • Classroom doors are wider than the norm to accommodate equipment movement; and are outfitted with traditional door locks and card key locks. This helps to ensure that people can get into places they are authorized for and stay out of places where safety requires restrictions.
  • Wood-like looking paneling above the lockers are a multi-layered metal with a sound barrier overlay on the back and are specifically designed to help reduce the noise that can carry in such large spaces with many hard surfaces.
  • The Wavy roof on the Aldred Centre serves a purpose. In addition to breaking down the scale of a very large building and adding some architectural interest, it's very functional as well. The surface is white to reflect heat; air handlers are built into the crest of each wave; while the dips collect water runoff that is stored underground and later emptied into the Calgary storm water system to help prevent over stressing the system.
  • The Trades and Technology Complex was designed by Calgary-based architecture firm Gibbs Gage.
Trades and Technology Complex
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