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Tender Information

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Price Requests

The Purchasing Section invites competitive bids whenever feasible, and purchases items on the basis of specifications and the value obtained as a result of such competition.

Invitations to Bid are issued to invited suppliers and may also be advertised through SAIT's selected electronic tendering provider (i.e. Alberta Purchasing Connection, Calgary Construction Association).

Qualified suppliers may obtain copies of the Supplier Registration Form and the bids from the Purchasing Section office on the SAIT campus.

Each invitation to bid will detail the conditions of purchase, provide specifications, and provide information regarding delivery schedules, closing dates, and other pertinent data.

All bid forms and envelopes display a bid number. The Purchasing Officer is identified within the bid so that the suppliers know whom to contact with questions. This person will gladly supply any further information or interpretation of the bid documents.

Supplier selection is the responsibility of the Purchasing Section in accordance with specifications of the material requested.

All bids will be evaluated on the established criteria. It is SAIT Purchasing practice to accept the supplier and bid that provides the best overall value to the Institute based on the established criteria.

Suppliers are required to notify the purchasing section of any company changes such as change of address or telephone number, products lines, etc.

Preparing the Bid

Before making a submission, suppliers are requested to read all terms and conditions of the bid, including the back of the bid form.

The name of the SAIT Purchasing Officer who is handling the bid is indicated on the Invitation to Bid. This person will gladly supply any additional information or interpretation of the bid documents.

When manufacturer's names, brands or models are used in the Invitation to Bid, they are used solely to describe an item for the supplier, not necessarily to restrict the supplier to that manufacturer. Such a reference is used to describe SAIT's concern for the quality or measured properties of the specified item(s).

When proposing an alternate item to the one suggested on the Invitation to Bid, the supplier must clearly show that the substitute is equal to or exceeds the specifications in all respects. The supplier will provide written technical information when applicable.

SAIT reserves the right to request a formal demonstration of any product before a bid is awarded.

Taxes and Duties

SAIT complies with the Tariffs Act and Excise Tax of Canada. The Purchasing Section is responsible for the management of all related documentation and import clearances supplied by the customs brokers.

Most products purchased by SAIT require that the Goods & Services Tax (GST) be paid. Price quotations must be done in such a manner as to separate GST from the product cost (i.e. price plus the GST).


Suppliers are required to quote net unit prices and show extensions and total bid price.

Firm prices will receive preference over prices with escalation clauses. Evaluation will be made on the basis of the most cost-effective bid, unless specified otherwise in the bid criteria.

Submitting the Bid

The Purchasing Section accepts bids handwritten in ink, but prefers typed documents.

All bids are to included the required documents signed in ink by an authorized company representative.

Bids invited by telephone or fax may be replied to in the same manner, however, the Purchasing Section reserves the right to request confirmation in writing.

Accepting the Bid

Bids are received and time-clocked by the Purchasing Section until the specified time of the closing date as indicated on the bid documents. Late bids will be returned to the bidder unopened whenever possible.

SAIT is not bound to accept any of the submitted bids. SAIT reserves the right to choose the services and products that best meet the needs of the institute.

Tender/Proposal Opening

A tender/proposal submission opening may be open or closed to the public. Suppliers are encouraged to attend public openings.

The Purchasing Section will notify the successful supplier by Purchase Order after the tender analysis is completed.

Should the supplier be unable to attend a public tender opening, SAIT, upon receipt of a written request by the supplier, release tender information within 1O days of the tender closing date.


Suppliers are asked to pay special attention to packaging, shipping instructions, and delivery dates.

Unless otherwise instructed by the Purchasing Section, deliveries are F.O.B. Destination. The goods are to be shipped in the most economical manner that will meet the stipulated delivery date.

Destination is defined as SAIT Central Receiving and Stores. Shipments of an extraordinary size may be routed by Central Receiving personnel directly to the client department.


  • Suppliers are expected to comply with SAIT's invoicing procedures.
  • The information contained on the invoice must agree with the information on the purchase doucments (i.e. description of items, unit of measure, unit price).

To ensure prompt payment, mail all invoices to:

Accounts Payable
Southern Alberta Institute of Technology
1301 - 16 Avenue N.W.
Calgary, Alberta T2M OL4

Please ensure that all of the following information is included on all invoices:

  • purchase order number
  • quantity shipped
  • quantity back-ordered
  • product or catalogue number (if applicable) description of item unit price
  • discount information
  • Goods & Services Tax (GST)
  • GST registration number

One invoice is to contain information from only one purchase order.

Any discrepancies will result in delay of payment and must be settled before the invoice is paid by Accounts Payable.

For payment inquiries please call Accounts Payable:

Phone: 403.284.8399
Fax: 403.284.8836

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