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Research Ethics Board

SAIT's Research Ethics Board (REB) promotes and facilitates the conduct of research in ways that respect the dignity and preserve the well-being of human participants. Answers to common questions can be found on our Frequently Asked Questions page.

To request ethical review for research being carried out on SAIT premises and/or involving SAIT faculty, staff and/or students, follow these steps in the REB application process:

1. Consult resources to determine if your research requires review

Guidelines are available that will assist you in determining whether you require a full review or a delegated review.

  • A delegated review takes place in cases where the REB can delegate reviewing duties to instructors teaching courses, where students do research as part of their coursework and results are for classroom use only.
  • To make this determination, consult the Delegation of Ethics Review for Instructors application form.

The Tri-Council Policy Statement: Ethical Conduct for Research Involving Humans (TCPS 2) will assist you with the application process.

If you've consulted the guidelines and TCPS 2 and still aren't sure about whether your project requires review, email questions to research.ethics.board@sait.ca.

If you are an instructor considering doing research in your classroom, or with your students, please refer to an excellent document produced by the Mount Royal University Research Ethics Board for dual-role researchers. The document describes some approaches to solving ethical challenges in such research.

2. Submit an application for review

 3. Submit your proposal

  • Submit a scanned copy of your proposal, signed by the researcher and all other applicable persons, to research.ethics.board@sait.ca together with all supporting documentation.
  • The REB will review your application in accordance with the TCPS 2.
  • Allow 45 days from the time you submit your complete application to receive the outcome of the REB review.
  • Note: The last day to submit an application for review, prior to the summer holidays, is June 1 of each academic year. Applications submitted after that may be subject to review in the fall, after the summer break.

4. Request a research extension

If you expect your research will continue past the original indicated period on your application, to request an extension, submit a completed Status Report form to research.ethics.board@sait.ca.

5. Complete your research

When you finish gathering data for your research project, submit a completed Status Report form to the REB to report the conclusion of your project.

6. Important Forms

  • Request for Review: this application package includes two forms (1) SAIT research institutional authorization and (2) request for ethical review.
  • Delegation of Review for Instructors: this form is directed to instructors who have students that perform minimal risk research as part of the course activities.
  • Status Report: this form is to provide (1) annual status report and re-approval requests or (2) notice of study closure.

7. Resources