Meet the 2022 SAIT Valedictorians

View of convocation stage
They put in the work and the hours, to take what’s theirs: a bright future

They came, they studied and they achieved.

Now, from June 14 to 16, the 2022 valedictorians will celebrate with classmates at the Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium.

SAIT’s 2022 valedictorians are determined, resilient and passionate. They overcame adversity, injury and uncertainty and pivoted to make their dreams come true.

Changing the narrative

Mike Provo

Michael Provo, Geomatics Engineering Technology, School of Construction

Michael Provo’s story is proof that even when hardships create roadblocks, it’s never too late to change the narrative. For years, he was a chef and thought that would be his entire career, but a work-related injury forced him to change his vision of the future.

It ended his time as a chef and sent him on a long journey of healing and reconsidering his path.

Mike chose geomatics engineering at SAIT and spent two years building skills for land surveying, remote sensing, cartography, geographic information systems (GIS) and global navigation satellite systems (GPS).  The tools he acquired may be a far cry from the reality of a busy kitchen, but it was a great choice for Michael. He worked on interesting projects, made new friends along the way (even online!) and is graduating with an in-demand credential in a growing field.

Being a force in the energy sector

Solomon Jolly

Solomon Jolly, Bachelor of Applied Technology Petroleum Engineering Technology, MacPhail School of Energy

Solomon is a real force in the energy sector and arrived at SAIT three years ago with a physics degree in hand. Coming from India, he may have shivered through his first Canadian winter, but navigating school and his life away from home helped him develop new skills — like cooking without burning everything down. He quickly showcased his ability to excel in the petroleum engineering program, even receiving the opportunity to work for his practicum employer before completing his degree. But he saw the importance in earning his credential and finished his academic year. The wait paid off and now he works with a pipeline service company.

Taking risks

Carla Mae Marayag

Camae Marayag, Radio, Television and Broadcast News, School of Information and Communications Technologies

For Carla Mae Marayag, risk was the name of the game in the pursuit of becoming a television news anchor. Before her SAIT program started in Fall 2020, she wanted to fly to Canada, but the pandemic had other plans. Logging in from the Philippines for her first semester, she juggled balancing her education with full-time work. Even though classes took place during her night, Carla Mae excelled in her program. That nightly routine changed when she landed in Canada in January 2021.

In addition to her studies, Camae also volunteered with SAIT’s contribution to the Global Education Network’s (GEN) Community Service Learning model. The GEN network focuses on providing an innovative learning experience, enhancing intercultural knowledge and developing intercultural competencies. Camae went beyond her role of a volunteer for the projects she was in, writing and producing public service announcements to build awareness about them.

Carla Mae is working as a news anchor with City News 660, Calgary’s only all-news station. The dream is television broadcasting, so look out for her name on a lower-third graphic in the future. 

Seizing every opportunity

Tiana Henderson

Tiana Henderson, Bachelor of Business Administration, School of Business

Tiana started journaling about her SAIT experience in 2018. Her first words in her journal reflect a 17-year-old who hadn’t discovered what she was capable of. Flip to the chapter on her last year, and that self-doubt is long gone. For the four years she spent completing her degree in human resources, Tiana dove into all the opportunities SAIT offered, even as the pandemic changed how students could participate in activities.

Tiana is resilient. She faced global uncertainty and still finished strong in her studies. The high school graduate is now a confident SAIT grad who’s ready for her next step.

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