Two playlists, 55 songs, more than 3.5 hours of study tracks

girl on her phone listening to music
Find a few new favourites for your next study session, featuring Helen's Crunch Time Playlist and Emily's Study Playlist. 🎧

The semester is almost over and that means it's getting close to exam time again. Now's the time to look over the online learning tools and software used at SAIT to make sure you're familiar with them, especially proctoring software if you'll be doing online exams. Also, check out our tips to study smart (try having some background music or ambient noise) and get ready to write exams like a pro.

Helen's crunch time playlist

It’s crunch time! With the end of the semester quickly approaching, it’s time get in the zone and finish final assignments and study for exams. If you’re like me and need music to get yourself in the mood to complete schoolwork, then this playlist is for you. Curated from my own personal music library, this playlist has a generous mix of oldies, EDM, slow jams, headbangers, pop hits, hidden Canadian gems, Pinoy hip-hop, a familiar TV theme song, and even a sea shanty! It’s a little bit of everything catered to various music preferences. Enjoy!

🎧 Listen: Helen's Crunch Time Playlist



Emily's study playlist

Music has been a big part of my life from singing to listening. This study playlist is a combination of my favourite songs and each have a significant meaning to me. I listen to these songs while I study, write papers, or design work. It reminds me of amazing moments in my life and sometimes brings me peace of mine; motivating and inspiring me while I work.

I start the playlist out with upbeat music, getting me excited to work and gets the ideas flowing, it starts to mellow out in the middle to keep me focused, and speeds up at the end for me to quickly finish my work.

I’ve started with “This City” by Sam Fischer, it’s a reminder to me that the world is beautiful and that I love to travel, bringing me that experience even when I’m stuck inside. Some of the classic songs like “Sink To The Bottom”, “Until We Get There”, and “Do You Want To” brings me back to binge watching my favourite tv shows with friends. Many of these songs were what I would listen to on the commute to and from campus, listening to them now brings me back to those moments and makes me feel like I’m at campus in the study hall again.

Playing your favourite songs while you study keeps your spirits up and reminds you what you are fighting towards! I hope this playlist helps you while you study and work!

🎧  Listen:  Emily's Study Playlist