Welcome to Winter 2021 — start the semester strong

Tips from a seasoned SAIT student on how to start strong for a great semester.

Hi! My name is Emily and I’m a first-year Information Technology student majoring in Software Development and a BA Marketing graduate. I know, right? Marketing and IT, who would have thought?

Being a returning student #hereatSAIT has given me the chance to explore more of what SAIT has to offer. Plus, I’ve picked up some tips along the way to help me smooth out the semester. Take a look, give it a try and pass it on.

Get into a groove

School is a bit like running a marathon. Each semester, start strong with the quality of work you put into your assignments. The moment you get that first assignment, get started. Who knows, maybe you’ll finish it that day or at least have a good handle on it by the time the due date comes around. A steady approach will help you get into a good groove if you implement it at the beginning of the semester before things start to pile up. Then, when you get smaller assignments throughout the semester, it won’t feel as stressful and you’ll feel ready for any major projects or tests that come up near the end of the semester.

Make time for fun

It’s easy to let schoolwork takeover, especially since most classes are online. This is why time management is so important as a student.

It’s good to reserve time for your studies but it’s also important for your overall well-being to block out time for other activities — taking a walk, spending time with friends (safely, of course), picking up a hobby, joining a Saitsa club or volunteering. Managing your time helps relieve stress. It’s especially important now to step away from the screen and get out of the house to give your brain a break.

Tips from a seasoned SAIT student on how to start strong for a great semester.
An Enactus SAIT club member feeding a kangaroo at one of our team building events

Speaking of clubs… Saitsa clubs can help you build on different skill sets, meet other people and decompress from schoolwork and your laptop. A club that I’m really glad I joined was Enactus SAIT. I got the chance to create social media posts for their channels, which I could add towards my portfolio, and I helped plan social events with other club members at places like Cobb’s Adventure Park and Screamfest.

Utilize SAIT resources

Whether it's your first or last semester, take advantage of the many resources SAIT provides! They can help you with so many things like online tutoring, writing help and study skills, personal counselling and mindfulness training. Here are a few that I’ve used:

LinkedIn Learning

Tips from a seasoned SAIT student on how to start strong for a great semester.

If you want to expand your skill set, SAIT provides all students with free access to LinkedIn Learning. Taking advantage of this resource at the beginning of the semester can give you a head start on learning some of the concepts in your program. Plus, it can help you explore different career options and build skills you might need for a job opportunity through a LinkedIn certification.

Career Advancement Services

Another resource is My Career Hub. If you’re looking for a job either during or after the semester, SAIT shares job postings from industry partners recommended for specific majors. You can also register for employment workshops and book personalized consultations with a career advisor through My Career Hub.

Like I mentioned, there are many SAIT resources available to make your semester great. If you’re unsure of where to start, check out SAIT’s Student Life section.