Getting in the game with SAIT’s Gaming Club

SAIT student Ahsan is building his experience points both virtually and IRL #hereatSAIT
SAIT student Ahsan is building his experience points both virtually and IRL #hereatSAIT

Be part of a community, expand your network, build your skillset and your resumé — these are just a few of the benefits of getting involved at SAIT outside of the classroom.

Student Content Team member and first-year Civil Engineering Technology student Ahsan took his gaming hobby to the next level and joined the SAIT Gaming Club. See what he has to say about getting involved and check out some of the highlights of his club experience so far.

Why did you join the SAIT Gaming Club?

I joined the SAIT Gaming Club because of my interest in gaming during my free time. Once I started at SAIT, I realized I wanted to make connections with my peers and develop my leadership skills. I thought this would be a good opportunity to do that.

How did you come across the club?

I discovered the club when I was browsing Saitsa’s Student Clubs page and it piqued my interest especially because I find video game culture is underrepresented among college clubs. It was great to see gaming being recognized as a club #hereatSAIT.

What were the steps to join?

The process was pretty straightforward, I simply filled out the “Join this Club!” section on the SAIT Gaming Club page and was contacted by the club president, Reilly, who explained how the club was being run online through Discord.

Beyond the initial application, getting involved further has been an enjoyable experience. I’ve helped with growing the membership through advertising and spreading the word, which has had a bit of a domino effect — we’re about to reach a milestone of 100 members. I also invited my girlfriend, Tina, to apply for the club, too. Since joining, she designed the club’s new logo — which you can check out on our Instagram page.

What was your experience in the first tournament like?

SAIT had two teams competing in our first tournament. Since it was our first one, our team names were simple: SAIT PC Gaming 1 and SAIT PC Gaming 2. I was on SAIT PC Gaming 2, with Tina as the captain — she’s level 243 in League of Legends. Our team practiced in the evening — we had six practices in total leading up to the tournament.

Team Leader Tina a.k.a. "Queen Iridescent" in training mode
Team Leader Tina a.k.a. "Queen Iridescent" in training mode

On the day of the tournament, we went against three separate teams and, unfortunately, lost all of them. Everyone on the team still put in a valiant effort and it was enjoyable to compete, try new things and learn about the game through experience. SAIT PC Gaming 1 had more success in their matchups — their members were mostly Gold and above in rank. Since it was a charity tournament, the placing didn’t matter. We’re all just happy we were eligible to compete, support a good cause (Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation), have a great time and get to know one another better through our practices.

How do you set yourself up for success when it’s game time?

We put a lot of time, effort and discipline into practices for the tournament. But beyond that, it’s important to be physically prepared for what’s to come. Our physical well-being impacts our performance. For instance, if we’re uncomfortable, we’re going to underperform relative to if we were comfortable. Being comfortable means paying attention to things like being hydrated, getting adequate sleep, having an area to focus, among many other factors.

Why do you think it’s important to get involved outside the classroom at SAIT?

When searching for a job, recruiters look for candidates who show initiative and drive, along with a desire to go above and beyond the requirements. Co-curricular engagement is a great way to show recruiters your willingness to take time out of your schedule to collaborate with others.

How can someone join?

If you want to join the SAIT Gaming Club, visit Saitsa’s Student Clubs page. We’re not just a competitive club, we also have casual game nights where we vote on and play a game together every Friday. Plus, we have a channel for practically every video game you could think of, so there’s always someone to talk to about your favourite games.

Looking for more chances to play?

Check out SAIT’s eGaming League. They'll be hosting their winter tournament over Reading Week — register by Friday, Feb. 12!