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Reducing financial obstacles for students with disabilities

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“My time at SAIT has been spent in student services in a variety of roles – instructor, academic coach, disability advisor and manager. I’ve worked with many students who have disabilities including medical conditions as well as neurological or mental health issues. My career has been dedicated to helping them reach their potential.

It’s important to note that students with disabilities face both academic and financial barriers. And I’ve found that one way to help students with disabilities is through their finances. They typically take longer to complete a program which means expenses and student loans pile up. That’s why my family decided to establish the Robertson Achievement Award. It’s an annual $1,000 scholarship for students with disabilities who express a commitment and motivation to succeed and who face financial need.

At SAIT we provide assistance to students who have physical or learning disabilities or mental health barriers, but that help doesn’t always put food on the table or pay the rent or buy books. So the little bit extra that we can give through our student award — just a little tiny bit — can make a big difference to a student.

Our family donates to other causes but giving to SAIT is much more personal to me. I've seen the struggles that some students go through, and I've also seen the massive successes. That’s the reason to give back to SAIT, to our students. And this is a relatively small contribution. It's easy, really. I don't even notice it on my paycheque, but I’m sure the students who receive the award sure notice it.”

Shan Robertson, Associate Dean, SAIT Learner and Academic Services

Be a champion for tomorrow

Even the tiniest bit of help from our donor family can have a significant impact today, tomorrow and years into the future. Donors like Robertson are champions of change who are helping to develop the heroes of tomorrow.

On Thursday, Oct. 15 SAIT celebrates catalysts and champions of change through Giving Day, a 24-hour fundraising challenge in support of student success.

Find out how you can be a part of the action at sait.ca/givingday

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