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SAIT Family Campaign spreads messages of support and philanthropy

Ruth Falokun is currently finishing her first year in SAIT’s Welding Engineering Technologies program and received the Ian Maude Memorial Award during her second semester.

More than 300 SAIT faculty and staff came out in support of the 2019 SAIT Family Campaign, raising a grand total of $110,000.

The SAIT Family Campaign is an annual fundraising initiative that brings employees together in support of a number of projects and funds focused on empowering SAIT students. "It is inspiring to see the level of commitment our fellow employees show to this institution and the students who study here," says Kathy Bhana, Annual Giving Manager for SAIT Alumni and Development. "It really does make a huge difference in their lives."

Shout Outs were the most successful initiative this year. Employees paid $5 to send personalized messages of recognition and encouragement to their colleagues. Each Shout Out was hand-delivered by student volunteers.

During the four-week campaign, 127 employees sent over 800 Shout Outs, raising more than $4,000 towards the SAIT Family Campaign Peer Assistance Student Award. 

Funds raised through Shout Outs, monthly gifts and one-time donations to the Family Campaign support many campus initiatives including Student Awards that help students like Ruth Falokun achieve their goals.

A saving grace

Falokun is currently finishing her first year in SAIT's Welding Engineering Technology program and received the Ian Maude Memorial Award during her second semester. As a mother of two, Falokun had been struggling to keep her mind focused on her studies and not the financial stresses of tuition, childcare and living. Receiving the award was a welcome relief.

"It felt like we had been given breathing space, it was a true saving grace. I am here at SAIT because of this award," she says. "Receiving this has been life-changing. With it, I can achieve anything."

Falokun says the money from the award will go towards paying off her student loans and her children's daycare.

Family matters

The 2019 Family Campaign ended on April 5 and the SAIT Annual Giving team is already looking forward to 2020.

"It's initiatives like Shout Outs and the Family Campaign that are helping to build a legacy of family support and a culture of philanthropy here at SAIT," says Bhana. 

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