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Last updated as of Mar 14, 2018

Name Available Offered Credential Status
Name Course Code Offered
Cabinet Installation CSTN 158 Classroom
Cabinet Installer Principles CSTN 108 Classroom
Cabinet Making Fundamentals CBMK 201 Classroom
Cabinet Making I CBMK 206 Classroom
Cabinet Making II CBMK 256 Classroom
Cabinetmaking Shop Project CBMK 210 Classroom
CADD Fundamentals CADD 111 Classroom or Online
CADD Principles CADD 224 Classroom or Online
CADD System Management I CADD 241 Classroom or Online
CADWorx CADD 228
CADWorx for Piping Drafting ENGD 110 Classroom
CAEL Preparation PREP 104 Classroom
Cake Decorating BAKE 101 Classroom
Calf, Ankle & Foot Ultrasound DMST 104
Canada's Ozone Layer Protection Awareness RFRG 200 Classroom
Canadian Oil and Gas Industry PETR 110 Classroom or Online
Canning CKNG 118 Classroom
CAPPA Level 5: Case Study OGPA 226 Classroom or Online
Capstone Project EAMG 301 Classroom or Online
Capstone Project PROJ 112 Classroom
Capstone Project Course PROJ 373 Classroom
Career and Consulting Essentials CPNT 264 Classroom
Career Planning and Management CPLN 400
Career Planning and Management CPLN 240 Classroom
Career Readiness RREG 210 Classroom
Caribbean CKNG 144 Classroom
Carpentry Skills for AT ARCH 106 Classroom
Cartography and Geovisualization GEOS 457 Classroom or Online
Cascading Style Sheets CMPN 266 Classroom
CCNA Routing and Switching 1 & 2 CMPN 491
CCNA Routing and Switching 3 & 4 CMPN 492
CCNA Security CPNT 107 Classroom
CCNA Security CPNT 223 Classroom
Certified Exposure Device Operator INSP 119 Classroom or Online
Certified Exposure Device Operator INSP 220 Classroom or Online
Change Management MNGT 4010 Classroom
Chef de Cuisine Written Exam FDPR 165 Classroom
Chemistry and Field Application CHEM 106 Online
Chemistry and Field Application Laboratory CHEM 107 Classroom
Chemistry for Oil and Gas CHEM 193 Classroom
Chemistry I CHEM 181 Classroom or Online
Chemistry II CHEM 182 Classroom or Online
Chinese Stirfry CKNG 116 Classroom
Chocolate BAKE 139 Classroom
Christmas Cookie Exchange BAKE 173 Classroom
Christmas Dinner COOK 174 Classroom
Chutneys and Relishes CKNG 147 Classroom
Cinematography VDEO 106 Classroom
Cisco ITE Instructor Training CMPH 120 Classroom
Civil 3D Fundamentals CADD 139 Classroom
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