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Last updated as of Dec 04, 2017

Name Available Offered Credential Status
5 6
Name Course Code Offered
Connecting Networks CPNT 149 Classroom
Connecting Things CMPN 133 Classroom
Construction Industry Practices CSTN 138 Online
Construction Management Foundations CSTN 195 Classroom
Construction Planning Overview CSTN 144 Classroom
Construction Risk Management CSTN 145 Classroom
Construction Safety SFTY 246 Classroom or Online
Consulting and Consensus Building ENTR 207 Classroom
Consumer Behaviour MKTG 340 Classroom or Online
Continuous Improvement Overview MNGT 113 Classroom
Contract Documentation LAND 213 Classroom or Online
Contract Principles CLAW 100 Classroom
Contracts and Project Management MNGT 135 Online
Cooking Boot Camp CKNG 178 Classroom
Cooking for Your Health CKNG 183 Classroom
Cooking with Cheese CKNG 102 Classroom
Corporate Creators (Gr. 4-6) CAMP 157 Classroom
Corporate Law LEGL 210 Classroom
Corrosion Theory PIPE 106 Online
Cost Controls FDBC 400 Online
Cost Planning and Control Essentials FNCE 104 Classroom
CPR Instructor - Basic Life Support CPRS 229 Classroom
Creating Engaged and Motivated Employees SUPV 218 Classroom or Online
Criminal Law LEGL 350 Classroom
Critical Reading and Writing ENGL 1010 Classroom
Critical Thinking PHIL 241 Classroom
Cross Connection Control Specialist PLBG 250 Classroom
Cross Connection Recertification PLBG 252 Classroom
Cupcakes BAKE 177 Classroom
Curry COOK 100 Classroom
Custody Transfer INST 141 Online
Customer Relations MGMT 218 Classroom or Online
Data Classification 1 CDAB 210 Classroom
Data Classification 3 CDAB 310 Classroom
Data Management CMPP 402
Data Management INST 129 Online
Data Management & Analysis GEOS 453 Classroom or Online
Data Modelling and RDB Design CMPP 273 Classroom
Data Storage and Management CPNT 208 Classroom
Data Warehousing and Mining CMPP 276 Classroom
Database Administration Practicum DBAD 390 Classroom
Database Administration Project CMPP 278 Classroom
Database Concepts MSFT 113 Classroom
Database Development CPRG 212 Classroom
Database Operating Systems Network Fundamentals CMPP 267 Classroom
Database Security Fundamentals DBAD 205 Classroom
Database Skills in Unix/Linux CPRG 209 Classroom
Database Web Integration CPRG 206 Classroom
Date Night FDPR 148 Classroom
Date Night at The Tastemarket FDPR 166 Classroom
5 6 7 8 9