Here's what our past students have to say

This program has built up my confidence levels as for what to expect in post secondary. I feel more prepared for what is coming and how the courses will be like. It also helps with showing what career path you may like to go into.

It is an amazing learning experience and a great opportunity to meet new people and go through some challenging learning together.

It gives the opportunity to take a course prior to going to post-secondary and helps show what it can be like in the future if you do.

It was a program that challenged my knowledge without being overwhelming. I was able to study a topic I am passionate about while keeping up with my other high school classes. It is a great way to figure out what you want in life as well as allows you to get a head start on credits needed in university.

If someone asked about how they can prepare for post secondary I'd recommend this course or other dual credit options as it is a good transition piece.

Its a great way to get an insight on how post-secondary education works. This program is also a nice way to introduce medicine to someone like me. I have gained so much information in such a small amount of time and I think this will benefit me in the future with my career and other schooling related to medicine.

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