Registration for each program, including the lunch option, closes at 12 pm (MT) on the Wednesday before the camp begins.

No late camp or lunch registrations will be accepted.

Lunch registration will not be available on the morning of camp.

All parents/guardians are required to fill out the Camper Information and Waiver (CIW) during registration.

2024 summer camp registration deadlines

  • Week 1 (July 2 - 5): Registration closes at 12 pm on June 26, 2024
  • Week 2 (July 8 - 12): Registration closes at 12 pm on July 3, 2024
  • Week 3 (July 15 - 19): Registration closes at 12 pm on July 10, 2024
  • Week 4 (July 22 - 26): Registration closes at 12 pm on July 17, 2024
  • Week 5 (July 29 - August 2): Registration closes at 12 pm on July 24, 2024
  • Week 6 (August 6 - 9): Registration closes at 12 pm on July 31, 2024
  • Week 7 (August 12 - 16): Registration closes at 12 pm on August 7, 2024

SAIT will not accept a camper into our programs unless the Camper Information and Waiver (CIW) form is completed as part of the registration process.

The information provided on the CIW form must be accurate.

A CIW form must be completed for each camper attending the program.

Weekly reminders will be emailed to families ahead of the camp start date if they have not completed the form.

Refund policy

To cancel your registration and be eligible for a refund, SAIT Summer Camps must receive notice by email three (3) full working days before the camp begins.

Cancellations should be submitted via email to

In all cases, a minimum administrative fee of $50, plus any applicable service costs, will be retained from the course fee.

Refunds for payments made by VISA or MasterCard are credited to the account number of the credit card used to pay the camp fees. The credit card statement should indicate the refund in approximately six to eight weeks.

Any participant suspended or expelled from a SAIT program, academic school or the Institute for any reason is not eligible for a refund. For further information, please contact SAIT Summer Camps. 

Cancellation policy

SAIT reserves the right to cancel, postpone, or combine SAIT Summer Camp activities, limit registrations, or alter camp content, instructors, leaders, dates and/or times.

Registrants will be notified of camp changes by email before the start date. Full refunds are issued for SAIT-cancelled or rescheduled courses or activities.

Registrants will be given the option of transferring into an available camp but will be responsible for paying the difference for transferring to a more expensive camp. SAIT will refund the difference in the event of a transfer to a less expensive camp.

Transfer policy

To transfer or change the registration of a camper from one camp to another, SAIT Summer Camps must receive the request in writing at least three (3) full working days before the camp commencement date.

Any transfer to another camp is subject to space availability and any difference in fees.

Participants must meet the grade or age requirements outlined below:

  • Grades 4 - 6: Currently enrolled in Grades 4, 5 or 6 or entering Grade 4 in September 2024. 
  • Grades 7 - 9: Currently enrolled in Grades 7, 8 or 9 or entering Grade 7 in September 2024.
  • Grades 7 - 12: Currently enrolled in Grades 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 or 12 or entering Grade 7 in September 2024.
  • Grades 9 - 12: Currently enrolled in Grades 9, 10, 11 or 12 or entering Grade 9 in September 2024. 

Families will be contacted if the necessary age or grade requirements are not met for a specific camp and alternative programs will be discussed.

If it is determined that age or grade requirements are not met for any of the programs, then SAIT Summer Camps will follow the cancellation policy.

Camp attendance and drop-off

SAIT's P3 lot (located west of the Thomas Riley building) is the designated parking lot for SAIT Summer Camps. 

Parking is available at no cost in P3 for up to 30 minutes during drop-off and pick-up times.  If the maximum time of 30 minutes is exceeded, regular parking rates will be applied.

Families using the parking lot outside designated times will be subject to regular parking rates. 

When entering the parking lot, do not insert a credit card into the ticket kiosk. Press the ticket button on the kiosk to receive an entrance ticket.

Upon exiting, re-insert the ticket into the kiosk. If there are issues, press the "Help" button on the kiosk, or speak with an available parking attendant. 

Additional parking

Visitors to SAIT campus may use any visitor parking lots, but only P3 is designated for SAIT Summer Camp families. Visit our Transit and Parking page for more information.

Parking questions and concerns

Any parking questions or concerns can be addressed by parking services located on SAIT Campus:

Senator Burns Building, office NN104

procedure: First day of SAIT Summer Camps

SAIT Summer Camps will not accept a participant into a program until the Camper Information and Waiver (CIW) form is completed.

Families are responsible for confirming or completing any outstanding paperwork by the first day of the program. SAIT Summer Camps recommends that participants arrive by 8:30 am and are accompanied by a parent or guardian on the first day of camp.

Families may allow participants to sign themselves into the program and do not need to accompany the participant to the sign-on location.

Before camp care runs from 7:30 am to 9 am each day. If a participant is late, please follow the Late Drop-off and Pick-up procedure.

Sign-out procedure 

Authorized sign-out

Participants will only be released to authorized persons for pick-up at the end of the day unless that camper has self-sign-out permission.

You will need to indicate who is authorized to pick up your camper(s) on the household form during camp registration.

Those authorized to pick up camp participants must present a government-issued photo ID to SAIT Summer Camps staff at the end of each day for that camper to be released.

After camp care runs from 4 pm to 5 pm each day. If the authorized individual will be late for pick-up, please follow the late drop-off and pick-up procedure.


Camp participants can sign themselves out at the end of the day if permitted to do so. If you would like to give your camper(s) permission to sign themselves out, indicate this in the household form during camp registration.

Participants with self-sign-out permission will be dismissed from the designated sign-in/out location at 3:45 pm each day of the program.

Participants with self-sign-out permission may attend aftercare until 5 pm. After 5 pm, the participant will be dismissed from the designated sign-in/out location.

By selecting self-sign-out, families are providing official consent to the manner of the release of participants.

Late drop-off

Campers and leaders begin departing Aldred Centre for their camp classrooms/labs/gyms promptly at 9 am each morning.

All families must contact SAIT Summer Camps via telephone at 403.210.5650 to inform the admin team if a camper will be absent, late or picked up early.

If your camper is arriving after 9 am, families and their camper will need to go to the camp office in the Stan Grad Centre, room MB026. A camp administrator will then direct the camper to the location of their camp and ensure the camp leader is notified of their arrival.

Late pick-up

Except for extenuating circumstances, the following rules will apply when campers are picked up later than 5 pm:

  • The first time a caregiver is late for pick-up, aftercare privileges will be provoked. Campers must be picked up at 4 pm for the remainder of the week.
  • The second time a caregiver is late for pick-up, the camper(s) will be withdrawn from their program(s). No refund will be given.

Campers not picked up by 5 pm will be relocated to Campus Security in the Eugene Coste Building, room Q100.

Find more information on before and aftercare.

If a camper needs to leave early, families should inform the camp leader or a member of the camp admin team during morning drop-off or by calling the camp admin team at 403.210.5650.

Families picking their campers up early should go to the camp office in the Stan Grad Centre, room MB026, at the agreed-upon pick-up time.

The camp leader or a member of the camp admin team will bring the camper to the camp office for pick-up. Families will be required to sign their camper out.

It is the responsibility of all families to contact SAIT Summer Camps to inform the admin team if a camper will be absent.

If a family does not contact the office before 9 am on the day the camper is absent, the SAIT Summer Camps administration team will follow up with the family.

Camp operations

General dress code


Each participant will receive a SAIT Summer Camps t-shirt on their first day of camp. All participants are required to wear this t-shirt for the duration of the camp.

Participants may wear SAIT Summer Camps shirts from previous weeks or years.

Families may be contacted if a participant arrives without a shirt on multiple occasions.

All participants are encouraged to wear closed-toe shoes (preferably running shoes) and clothes in which they can move freely.

Participants should be prepared for physical activity and have appropriate footwear for their recreation breaks. Activities during recreation breaks may include outdoor field and gym activities.

Participants in camps that require specific dress codes may need to bring a change of clothes to camp to change into shorts and a t-shirt for recreation activities.

Camp-specific dress codes

Camps may have specific dress codes to ensure the safety of all participants.

To find camp-specific dress codes, please refer to the family package sent to you the Wednesday before the camp starts.

Participants cannot attend the program if they do not adhere to camp-specific dress codes. 

Go Cart Racers camp

Required in the workshops:

  • Closed-toe shoes with good tread (no sandals or open-toe shoes)
  • Long pants (no shorts or capris)
  • Camper t-shirt (no loose clothing, sleeveless shirts, tank tops or low-cut shirts)

Hearing and eye protection will be provided. Long hair must be tied back (hair elastics will not be provided).

Welding camps

All campers are required to adhere to the following dress code policy:  

  • Long sleeve shirt (100% cotton)
  • Jeans (no rips allowed)
  • Canvas-free closed-toe shoes (rubber boots, cowboy boots, hiking boots, steel-toe boots.) Running or converse-liked shoes, slip-ons (Toms, etc), and any open-toed shoes are prohibited.

Hearing and eye protection will be provided. Long hair must be tied back (hair elastics will not be provided).

It is possible that a camper may spend time on a computer with Internet access while at camp.

While the camp leaders/instructors will make reasonable efforts to restrict access to questionable material, the possibility of intentional or inadvertent access exists.

SAIT takes no responsibility if a camper intentionally or inadvertently accesses inappropriate material online.

SAIT Summer Camps adhere to the Minors on Campus Policy (AD.1.12) and Acceptable Use of Computing and Information and Technology Resources (AD.2.15.)

The following are considered inappropriate computer use and are violations of SAIT's computer policy:

  • accessing pornography, obscene or discriminatory materials
  • harassing other users
  • vandalism of accounts and systems
  • using abusive, vulgar or other inappropriate languages
  • distributing copyrighted material
  • creation or publication of explicit material
  • sharing of individual and/or networked accounts and/or passwords.

Violations of SAIT's computer use policy may lead to disciplinary actions that include but are not limited to, SAIT notifying the family of the possible removal of the camper from SAIT Summer Camps without monetary reimbursement. 

Field trips are scheduled for select camps during the summer.

Field trips will take place off-site at locations around Calgary. All field trips are subject to availability.

Additional forms will be sent to families and must be completed and submitted before the first day of camp.

Campers cannot participate in the field trip if the family does not submit the additional waiver form.

Campers registered in the lunch program will receive a box lunch if the field trip is scheduled for 12 to 1 pm.


In addition to the Student Code of Conduct Policy (AC.3.4), campers and families are expected to conduct themselves in a mature, respectful and cooperative manner while attending SAIT Summer Camps.

Campers are responsible for their behaviour and conduct. 

Inappropriate behaviour includes:

  • actions or behaviours resulting in an increased risk to self or others
  • threats, bullying, harassment, intimidation, abuse or fighting
  • being under the influence or in the possession of drugs or alcohol
  • vandalizing or abusing camp equipment
  • possession or use of tobacco or tobacco products
  • disregarding SAIT or SAIT Youth Programs rules and policies
  • possession or use of weapons or harmful objects (knives, lighters, matches, etc.)

Please contact the SAIT Summer Camps team if a camper experiences any form of harassment or discrimination during camp activities.

Behaviour that is deemed unacceptable will result in expulsion from camp.

No refund will be given to any camper removed from camp due to inappropriate behaviour.

Statement of rights and responsibilities and resolution process for SAIT Summer Camps family members


SAIT Summer Camps is committed to establishing a partnership with each camper's family based on mutual respect to ensure that each camper reaches their full potential during SAIT Summer Camps. This partnership includes rights and responsibilities for both SAIT Youth Programs staff and each participant's family members. SAIT Summer Camps strive to foster a positive community where participants and staff feel safe.


"Family member" includes, but is not limited to: parents, guardians, stepparents, siblings, grandparents and additional extended family of SAIT SAIT Summer Camps participants.


This Code of Conduct constitutes a guide meant to be observed by SAIT Summer Camps staff and campers family members.

SAIT Summer Camps — staff rights

  • Each staff member has the right to be treated with respect, kindness and dignity.
  • Each staff member has the right to a safe and positive working environment.
  • Each staff member has the right to communicate clearly and openly with each participant's family.

SAIT Summer Camps — staff responsibilities

  • Each staff member is responsible for providing a safe, positive and meaningful SAIT Summer Camps experience to the best of their ability.
  • Each staff member will treat others with respect, kindness and dignity.
  • Each staff member is responsible for following all relevant SAIT Summer Camps policies to ensure safety and adherence to the SAIT Youth Programs and the SAIT Summer Camps family.

Family rights

  • Each family member has the right to be treated with respect, kindness and dignity.
  • Each family member has the right to express their concerns.
  • Each family member has the right to communicate openly with the SAIT Summer Camps staff.

Family responsibilities

  • All family members are responsible for knowing, understanding and complying with this code of conduct and the SAIT Summer Camps policies and procedures.
  • Family members must respect and treat SAIT Summer Camps staff with dignity, especially when there is a concern, complaint or a dispute.
  • A family member's concern will be addressed while maintaining the integrity of the SAIT Summer Camps programming and staff.
  • Concerns and complaints must be dealt with respectfully and in an appropriate manner and should not be addressed (1) in front of campers or (2) during camp time.
  • When communicating with SAIT Summer Camps staff, unacceptable behaviour will not be tolerated. Unacceptable behaviour includes, but is not limited to, verbal, physical or psychological abuse, bullying, or swearing.
  • Each breach of the Family Code of Conduct, the SAIT Summer Camps policies and procedures and any relevant SAIT policies and procedures carries with it a degree of gravity. Consequences for breach may include but are not limited to a verbal warning followed by documentation, and the expulsion of the participant without a refund, family member/participant ban from program registration for a defined period of time or indefinitely.


All concerns and complaints are subject to strict confidentiality.

SAIT Summer Camps resolution process

Every effort will be made to resolve the dispute at the earliest stage in the process, in the most efficient manner, in order to proceed without unnecessary delays. 

The SAIT Summer Camps resolution process comprises of four levels and each level must be completed before proceeding to the next level in the process. The concern or complaint will not be addressed if the order of the levels is not followed. Levels are as follows:

Level one
  1. A participant's family member with a concern or a complaint must raise the issue with their SAIT Summer Camps leader by the end of the following business day. The leader will work within their capacity, knowledge and authority to resolve the issue immediately.
Level two
  1. If the issue is not resolved or if the issue is beyond the scope of the leader's responsibilities, the participant's family member can direct their communication by phone call, email or in person, to a member of the SAIT Summer Camps administration team within one (1) business day of the leader's response or decision.
  2. The administration team will make every effort to ensure that the issue is heard and resolved with within two (2) business days. Discussion may be over the phone or via email.
Level three
  1. If the matter is not resolved, the participant's family member can raise the issue, in writing via e-mail, with the Manager, Strategic Youth Initiatives within two (2) business days of the administration team's response or decision.
  2. The written documentation must include a description of the nature of the concern in addition to the previous actions taken at level one and level two.
  3. The Manager, Strategic Youth Initiatives may discuss the concern or complaint over the phone or via email. Concerns or complaints may also be discussed in person with the participant's family member.
  4. The Manager, Strategic Youth Initiatives will consider the concern or complaint and will communicate his or her decision in writing via email within three (3) business days of receiving the written documentation from the participant's family member.
Level four
  1. If the matter is not resolved at level three, the participant's family member may request, within two (2) days of receiving the response or decision from the Manager, Strategic Youth Initiatives that the matter be forwarded to the Director, Student Services. This written documentation must include: (1) a description of the nature of the concern or complaint, (2) previous actions taken at levels one, two and three, (3) a description of the decision taken by the Manager, Strategic Youth Initiatives, and (4) the reasons for the request for further review by the Director, Student Services.
  2. The Director, Student Services may meet with the participant's family member to hear the concern or complaint. Discussion may also be by phone call or via e-mail.
  3. The Director, Student Services will consider the concern or complaint and will communicate a response or a decision to the family member within five (5) business days of receiving the written documentation.


The decision made by the Director, Student Services is final and will not be subject to further review.

The family of participants involved in any theft, loss of, or damage to SAIT, or third-party property will be held financially responsible. SAIT will report all instances of vandalism to or theft of SAIT property to the police.

SAIT Summer Camps strongly recommend valuables (tablets, gaming devices, jewellery, etc.) are left at home. Participants who bring these items to camps do so at their own risk and will be expected to adhere to our usage and content policies.

SAIT Summer Camps are not responsible for any damage, loss or theft of personal items brought to the program.

Additional policies


All SAIT Summer Camp leaders are 17 years of age or older with Standard First Aid/CPR-C certifcation.

Each staff member is required to complete a criminal record check with a vulnerable sector search. Leaders are placed in programs based on their skills and knowledge of the program topic/theme.

In some cases, SAIT instructors/coaches will also lead the program. Most programs will have two adults (either two program leaders or one program leader and one SAIT instructor) leading the program. Participants are supervised at all times.


All SAIT Summer Camp volunteers must have completed Grade 10 prior to the first week of volunteering.

Each volunteer is required to complete a criminal record check with a vulnerable sector search.

Volunteers are placed in programs which relate to their areas of interest. In certain circumstances, volunteers may be placed in other programs where extra support is required.

SAIT Summer Camps strives to be an inclusive environment for all participants.

If a participant requires any accommodations or special considerations to ensure their full participation or if you have any questions or concerns about their medical or behavioural needs, please contact us.

Families are welcome to send a support person to accompany their participants if required. This individual must obtain and present a valid criminal record check with a vulnerable sector search before to the first day of the program.

Though SAIT Summer Camps encourages all participants to refrain from bringing nut products to our programs, SAIT is an open campus and, therefore, cannot guarantee there will be no exposure to nut products while attending a youth program.

Those participants with peanut or other allergies (for example, dairy) are strongly encouraged to bring their own lunch to the program.

Ingredient substitutions cannot be made in the programs (including cooking camps.)

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