We set out to be different from most day camps — we involve SAIT instructors and industry professionals in our program development and delivery, giving campers the chance to engage in activities that inspire and embrace their interests and create opportunities for insight, creativity and career exploration. We take pride in our camp model as well as our reputation for delivering fun, educational camps that engage youth and encourage them to tap into their potential.

Our mission

We engage children and youth in fun, positive learning experiences in trades, technology, business, sports and science in a manner that supports inclusive learning and the formation of unique learning and career paths, fostering the development of life skills.

Our objectives

  • To encourage a love of learning now and in the future through hands-on activities and by modeling a passion for learning.
  • To help campers and staff identify, take pride in and develop their interests and talents in order to best shape their own learning pathways.
  • To provide an inclusive environment where children and you can develop life skills that support their interests and talents. 
  • To provide an environment and learning experience that is physically and emotionally safe for campers and staff.


Health and safety

We understand the severity of peanut, gluten and other food allergies. As we are a campus that serves adults year-round, we cannot guarantee that your child will not encounter a person or object that has come into contact with these allergens. We encourage campers to refrain from bringing peanut products to camp, but cannot guarantee this.

All camps undergo a risk assessment analysis and only grade/age appropriate activities are selected. Campers are not allowed to handle equipment that is deemed to be high-risk and are supervised when handling any equipment they are given.

Behaviour expectations are clearly outlined before campers are allowed to use any facilities. Campers are expected to adhere to behaviour rules to ensure their safety. Campers who do not follow the rules may be asked to permanently leave the camp, without refund, if their behaviour endangers themselves and/or others.

All camp leaders have current Standard First Aid and CPR certification and are informed of emergency procedure protocols. 

Additional information

Our camps always include a blend of old and new. Favourite activities are brought back and added to a list of new activities. Some camps repeat basic skills, but the end product — is usually different.

Basic computer skills include typing ability, naming and saving files in different locations and knowing how to use menus like programs in Microsoft Word. 

Industry and sponsors

By offering fun summer memories, practical life skills and meaningful career paths, SAIT Summer Camps is an outstanding opportunity for you to give back to the community. 

We welcome the experience and skills that industry professionals bring to our camps. There are a number of ways to get involved:

  • be a guest speaker
  • provide knowledge and expertise in the area of trades (construction, welding, auto/aviation mechanics, electronics), engineering, computers, media arts, business and/or science.
  • support our programs through sponsoring seats and give the opportunity for children in need to attend camps through our bursary program
  • provide unique supplies or activities that may benefits campers enrolled in our programs.

To learn more, visit our Corporate Engagement Office's sponsorship and giving page.