Thanks to our sponsors' support, we offer a limited number of camp bursaries to children and youth to attend our Summer Camps.

A camp bursary will cover the full tuition of a one-week camp. Camps that are over one week are not eligible.

Each bursary is limited to one camp per child. Families who want to send multiple children to camp can apply for one bursary per child.

Bursary funds are distributed based on financial need and are granted to those who cannot attend camp without financial assistance. Enrolling and paying for your child to attend an additional SAIT camp when you have applied for or received a bursary will result in your child being disqualified from bursary consideration and cancellation of their bursary funding.

Although every effort is made to award a bursary to the camps selected in the application, space in your preferred camp is not guaranteed.

Failure to attend a camp for which your child has received a bursary or families that do not provide the required information (including a bursary thank you letter) may be considered ineligible for future bursaries.

Bursary application deadline

The Summer Camps Bursary Program will accept bursary applications on an ongoing basis.

Please apply a minimum of one week before the first day of the camp you are interested in enrolling in.

Bursary applications are assessed in the order they are received. We strongly encourage you to apply early.

How to apply for bursary

When applying for a bursary, do not register for camps — your child(ren) will be registered for camp if they are selected as bursary recipients.

Bursaries are considered in the order in which they are received, and priority is given to families who have not received a bursary in the past.

  1. Register for an account on CampBrain.
  2. Fill out all mandatory forms.
  3. Submit your application through the CampBrain process.
  4. Upload supporting documentation and all accompanying application documents onto your CampBrain account. 

You will be contacted via email no later than four weeks after submitting your bursary application and once all applicable documentation has been uploaded.

Incomplete applications missing proof of financial need will result in processing delays and jeopardize the consideration of your application. We will contact you as soon as possible if your application is incomplete.

Due to the volume of applications we receive, we ask that you do not contact us regarding the status of your application.

Upon acceptance into the bursary program, applicants will receive their camp registration confirmation. 

Apply for bursary

Required supporting documentation

You will be required to upload proof of income to your CampBrain profile.

For each adult in the household, please provide a copy of your current, official Canada Revenue Agency Notice of Assessment, which includes Line 150 (total income).

If you are receiving income support, please provide us with a current verification document. We may request additional supporting documentation to verify your eligibility if necessary, including proof of the following:

  • Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped (AISH)
  • Alberta Child Health Benefit (eligibility letter)
  • Alberta Adult Health Benefit (Alberta Works letter)
  • Refugee status/Resettlement Assistance Program or Interim Federal Health Program

Bursary program regulations

Campers granted a bursary are expected to attend the camp for which they are registered and have received bursary funding. Failure to attend the camp for which bursary funding has been awarded will result in ineligibility for future bursary funding. 

Campers granted a bursary are also required to write a thank you letter c/o SAIT Summer Camps. This thank you letter is due on the last day of camp and should address the meaning of the camp experience the camper had — new things that were learned, new interests, new ideas for careers, new friends.

Failure to provide the thank you letter will result in ineligibility for future bursary funding. 

If you withdraw your child(ren) from SAIT Summer Camps before the camp commences, you are required to notify SAIT Summer Camps by calling us at 403.210.5650.

We will process your child's withdrawal and award the bursary to another approved applicant.

Failure to notify us that you have withdrawn your child(ren) before or during the camp will result in your child being disqualified from all future camp bursary consideration.

Camp bursaries will only be transferred to a different camp if the camp your child is enrolled in is cancelled by SAIT. SAIT can only transfer the bursary to camps with available space.

Bursaries will not be transferred due to parent/child requests to attend a different camp. Bursaries are non-transferable to a different recipient.

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