👩🏽‍🏫 Communicating with your instructor and school board

An in-depth overview of your youth foundations program will be provided to you by your SAIT instructor, who you can address by their first name.

Your instructor will inform you of their preferred method of communication — e.g. email or text. Be prepared to check your SAIT student email regularly. It's your responsibility to know your instructor's preferred communication method and to keep in touch.

You're also responsible for communicating any questions or concerns about your participation or progress in your youth foundations program to your school board contact. You should reach out to your contact as soon as possible to confirm their preferred method of communication.

Students are expected to be respectful towards their instructor and school board contacts at all times.

👨🏻‍🎓 Your classmates

Youth foundations programs are intended to help ease your transition from high school to post-secondary or the working world. At SAIT, we think it's important you make that transition amongst a cohort of your peers.

Your classmates will be other high school students, not adult learners. As the programs are cohort-based, you'll stay with the same group of classmates for the duration of your course or program.

⌚️ Attendance, punctuality and participation

Attendance, being on time and fully participating in your classes are required to successfully complete your youth foundations program, and to earn your work experience credits.

If you're going to be absent or late, email or text your SAIT instructor and your school board contact prior to the beginning of your class.

There may be times when your high school has a day off (for example, a PD day). Unless otherwise stated by your SAIT instructor or school board contact, you are still required to attend your SAIT class.

📚 Diploma/exam breaks

Speak with your instructor about class time you may need to miss in order to write a diploma or final exams at your high school.

If you have questions about course material, you are encouraged to ask in class. You can also speak with your SAIT instructor outside of classes and they can help you review the material or provide you with suggestions on study strategies.

🛑 Withdrawing from a foundations program

If you are no longer able to complete your youth foundations program, you must officially withdraw by contacting your school board. They will require you to complete and submit a SAIT withdrawal form.

If you withdraw, this will be reflected permanently on your SAIT transcript. You may still be eligible to receive partial Career and Technology Studies high school credit.

If you do not officially withdraw from the program or course by the deadline and no longer attend classes, you will be issued an ‘F' grade on your SAIT transcript.

✅ Grading and transcripts

As a youth foundations student at SAIT, you will have an official SAIT transcript. High school credits earned during your program are included on your high school transcript. Your instructor will communicate your grades to your school board to be reflected on your high school report card and transcript.

Your SAIT instructor will provide you with information related to grading, including any deadlines and/or dates for any practical assessments.

Ensure you are aware of expectations around assignments and assessments by clarifying with your SAIT instructor or school board contact.

You can access your unofficial SAIT transcript on mySAIT.ca under the myStudent tab. You can order an official copy of your transcripts through mySAIT.ca or by contacting the Office of the Registrar.

🚃 Getting to SAIT campus

Students are responsible for their own transportation to and from SAIT campus. SAIT is located along the Calgary CTrain line and several bus routes. Parking is also available on campus in several different paid lots.

Visit our parking rates and transportation page to determine the best way for you to commute to campus.

🧏🏽‍♀️ Learner accommodations

Youth foundations students requiring learner accommodations are asked to communicate their needs to their school board contact in advance of their program start date.

Some programs and courses may require you to use Brightspace (D2L), a learning management system containing course content and resources — similar to an interactive online textbook.

💻 Online resources (mySAIT)

You will be issued a SAIT student ID number, ID card and email address. It's your responsibility to keep your ID number and card safe.

Using your ID number, you can access mySAIT.ca — a student portal where you can review your student record, including schedule, grades and transcript.

📓Planning for post-secondary

To learn more about SAIT and our programs, we encourage you to take advantage of the following services:

Program advising  Financial advising

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