Dual-Credit Pharmacy Assistant

Designed for: students in grades 11 and 12

Delivery: Classroom

Length: 9 months

Intake: Fall 2023 and Fall 2024


As our population grows and ages, there is a vital need for trained professionals to provide pharmacy-related assistance — train to become a knowledgeable and skilled pharmacy assistants.

This program trains students to become knowledgeable and skilled pharmacy assistants — a career in high demand as our population ages. Theory is taught in class and practiced in the laboratory.

Pharmacy assistants are responsible for receiving prescriptions, preparing drugs, undertaking clerical and computer duties, managing inventory, and providing customer service. They must always work directly under the supervision and guidance of the pharmacist and/or pharmacy technician. They allow the pharmacist to spend more time with the client in his or her care.

Elements of the program require students to have access to a computer with an internet connection.

The instructors are really funny and supportive. They have helped me widen my knowledge in the pharmacology industry. The program itself and the way that it is designed helps students dip their toe into what I think is one of the hardest parts of practicing and working in medicine or healthcare, and that is pharmacology.

Dual-credit Pharmacy Assistant student

Is this the right fit for me?

This program is the right fit for students in Grade 11 or 12 who:

  • have an interest in math and science, or who want to pursue a career in healthcare
  • have effective communication skills
  • are detail-oriented and enjoy working in a team environment.
  • are proficient in keyboarding and basic computer skills. (A typing speed of 35wpm or better is recommended.)

As keyboarding and basic computer skills are not taught in this program, students are expected to be proficient in these areas prior to admission. We strongly recommend the student have a typing speed of 35 words per minute or better.

Continuing on to post-secondary

The skills explored in this program can lead to many different post-secondary pathways, including:

Admission requirements

Students should be entering grade 11 or 12 in the same academic year as they begin Dual-Credit Pharmacy Assistant courses.

In order to be successful in this SAIT program, students are recommended to be on track to successfully pass the following courses or equivalents:

  • Math 30-1 or Math 30-2 or Pure Math 30 or Applied Math 30
  • English Language Arts 30-1 or English Language Arts 30-2

There may be other pre-requisite or co-requisites required by the school board for admission into this dual-credit program. Check with your local school board for further information.

To qualify for graduation from SAIT, students must pass all courses, attain a CGPA of 2.0 or better and complete the course requirements within the prescribed timelines. 

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How to apply

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Course Code Course Name SAIT Credits High School Credits*
COMP-261 Applied Digital Technologies 1.5
PHAR-204 Pharmaceutical Calculations 3.0
PHAR-270 Pharmacy Services 3.0
PHAR-271 Pharmacy Concepts and Devices 1.5
PHAR-272 Prescription Processing I 3.0
PHAR-273 Pharmacotherapy I 3.0
PHAR-274 Prescription Processing II 1.5
PHAR-275 Pharmacotherapy II 1.5
PRAC-213 Practicum 3.0
PHAR-276 Professional Practice 3.0
Program Total 24

*Up to a total of 26 high school credits for all 14 courses.

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