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Whether you’re an entrepreneur, founder or marketing professional, the Applied Product Marketing Bootcamp is designed to advance your career in technology marketing.

This dynamic, creative and highly collaborative role is in high demand across various sectors — employers need people like you to take products to new heights.

This immersive program gives you the skills to launch and market a product in today’s tech-driven world. Dive into your customer’s journey as you learn to use insights and research to create impactful messaging and value propositions for your audience.

Discover how to apply product marketing frameworks to companies big and small as you develop a deep understanding of go-to-market strategies and product launch techniques. Learn how to turn research and insights into actionable plans that get customers to notice, remember and purchase your product.

You’ll also be able to test your skills in a real-world scenario as you collaborate with a product team on a final capstone project.

What you’ll learn

In this immersive bootcamp, you’ll learn how to:

  • define the role of product marketing and how it aligns with other roles in an organization
  • apply product marketing as a framework in different companies by size and maturity
  • evaluate the target market for your product and identify market trends.
  • create a messaging guide for your product
  • develop buy-in and alignment cross-functionality to prepare for your product launch
  • plan and execute an effective product launch
  • build pricing strategies for marketing
  • create buyer and customer personas
  • create customer journey maps
  • determine ideal customer profiles, including Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Customer (B2C)
  • understand and apply product marketing to organizations of all sizes
  • explain and apply go-to-market and product strategies
  • optimize your pricing and revenue model
  • conduct market research and perform competitive analysis.

On this podcast episode, discover why companies are searching for talent to craft compelling product marketing messages — and keep customers coming back. You’ll learn why product marketers are crucial when it comes to championing the customer’s voice, conducting market research and storytelling. Award-winning marketer, Vicki Laszlo, joins the conversation to share advice from her experience working with world-class brands including Starbucks and Twitter.

This bootcamp will help you develop the following skills:


  • Market sizing
  • Market segmentation
  • Competitive analysis
  • Developing personas and ideal customer profiles
  • Product positioning
  • Value propositions and messaging
  • Brand design
  • GTM planning
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Demand generation tactics
  • Digital marketing, including landing page and website A/B testing, SEO/SEM
  • Email marketing and conversion tracking
  • Event marketing, influencer marketing, public relations, social media marketing, and community building
  • Sales enablement


  • Market gap and opportunity identification
  • Cross-functional leadership skills
  • Strategy creation & goal setting
  • Measuring objectives & key results / KPIs
  • Pricing and business model development
  • Group facilitation skills
  • Building empowered go-to-market teams
  • Presentation skills


  • Cross-functional communications for high-performing teams
  • Lumina
  • Agile mindset

This program is eligible for a mico-credential.

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Career support

Becoming a product marketing manager is an attainable goal.

If you're looking for work, our career services team will help you find a job, prepare for interviews and position yourself as a key team member.

We’ll provide the following:

  • awareness of potential roles and opportunities after completing this program and additional skills needed to pursue other complementary/specialized roles
  • strategies and tactics to search for and connect with relevant employment opportunities
  • resume writing, interviewing, and personal branding support
  • creation of a unique digital portfolio of work demonstrating skills in program competencies
  • networking through guest speakers, panel discussions, industry events and industry projects
  • opportunities to connect with local organizations with mature go-to-market strategies and local experts with experience in the field.

Our Talent and Career Specialists team will work with you to find the right program and help you through the application process.

To begin, connect with us, and an advisor will contact you within the next business day.

Registration requirements

This program is best suited to applicants with the following skills and mindset:

  • collaborative, creative and dynamic
  • familiar with marketing principals
  • mid-career professionals looking to pivot, upskill and focus on product marketing
  • small business owners, entrepreneurs or marketing associates, specialists and managers.

Available intakes

Winter 2024

Start dates:

Domestic students: Open
  • Application deadline: Jan. 6, 2024


Tuition and fees

The Applied Customer Success Management Bootcamp course fee is $2,695.

Funding may be available to SAIT alumni. Please contact us to learn more about funding options.


This program is offered part-time evenings and weekends — allowing you to continue your job search or learn while working.

Classes run online Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 4 - 8 pm and Saturdays from 9 am - noon.

This is a 12-week immersive, hands-on program:

  • There will be about four to six 6 hours per week of self-learning, combined with nine hours of in-class theory and hands-on project work.
  • We will work with you to help you understand your strengths and areas for growth.
  • This program will be a combination of online instructor-led learning and self-directed learning.

Information sessions

Prepare for a strong start in your chosen program or get the details you need to decide your future path.

Our expert staff and faculty are ready to answer your questions and provide information about the following:

  • What sets SAIT apart
  • An introduction to the program and area of study
  • Admission requirements
  • Future career paths
  • Information on the earning potential and graduate employment rates.

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